Gout led me to Bai Yin Qigong

Despite being in my early 40s, I suffered from health issues such as gout and urinary incontinence. This started my pursuit for better health, and I am really blessed to have found it through the practice of Qigong. My problems with gout and high uric acid level could be traced back to over 10 years... Continue Reading →

💖LOVE❤, Brings Bai Yin QiGong to Malaysia

Where there are Chinese people, there is sure to be Qigong, and Malaysia is no exception. What is surprising, however, is that the Qigong technique that is popular in Malaysia actually originates from Taiwan. Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong celebrated its 10th anniversary in Malaysia in 2017. Over the period of 3,000 plus days, more than... Continue Reading →

Bai Yin Qigong-More than just a Qigong practise

Name: Wong Yoke Mei Years of practice: since Dec 2012 HarmonyQi Instructor: Instructor Poh Hong Before Learning Qigong: My main issues were :- (1) sore lower back with tightness (2) indigestion & stomach bloatedness (a lot of gas) (3) feel stressed mentally-always doing and assuming responsibilities more than I can take After Learning Qigong (1) complexion... Continue Reading →

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