Qigong History

Master Bai Yin, born in Beijing, the daughter of Master Gao Yun. Master Yin Quan, born in Taiwan, both raised in medical influential background. At the age of eight , Bai Yin followed Master Gao Yun on her global Qigong tour giving lectures and seminars.

Master Yin Quan & Master Bai Yin
Bai Yin Qigong Self-Healing Powers

Achievements in Qigong Study

    1. Director of Gao Yun Qigong Natural Health Center in Taiwan
    1. Visiting Professor to Taiwan Air Force Academy for Qigong Health Training (Achievement award of honor)
    1. Visiting Professor to Taiwan Municipal Hospital
    1. Lecturer of Qigong courses for Taiwan Ministry of Internal Affairs
  1. Qigong health Lecturer to ING Group (Worldwide Insurancey)

Qigong History

Master Bai Yin: Received Qi while as fetus, became exceptional intelligent during childhood, taught to develop Extra-Sensory-Perception, possess ability in: [Utilize ears to detect words], [Clairvoyance], [Diagnose diseases using Qi Scan], [Emission varies natural aromatic Qi], [Emitting Qi for healing], [Qigong Hypnotherapy], [Telepathic perception], [Distant control Qi emission]

Master Yin Quan: specializing in parapsychology, integrating the mind and body control to effectively govern and management of one's health. He is also

    • Master degree in Religion, Queensland University, Australia
    • Master degree in Human Management, Griffith University, Australia
    • Lecturer of New England University
  • Lecturer of Taiwan Ming Xing University

Experience in Teaching

Master Bai Yin practiced Qigong for almost 30 years, with 20 years teaching experience, students from around the world exceeded 400,000, such as Doctors, Scholars, Scientist have benefited from their teaching.

Charity and Community Service

Aside from regular teaching, the Masters also offer charity works and community involvement to Schools, Military, elderly homes.

Multi-media reports

Newspapers, magazines, and television has conducted stories on Bai Yin's exceptional performance related to her Qigong legendary life and health regimen as well as giving live demonstration on special Qigong techniques.

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