Essential Courses

EnerQi Beginner

– Reputable technique, practised by thousands of students worldwide

– Originated more than 2,000 years ago from the advanced and previously closely held secret Dao teachings of the Kun Lun School

– For Qi cultivation and storage, structured on the relaxed and graceful movements of Da Yan Technique

– Increases oxygen content, to regulate and enhance Qi flow to the internal organs, to reduce stress and improve emotional, mental and physical well-being

– Expels dampness, cold, heatiness and various toxicity from the body, prevents inflammation, stabilises the immune system, reduces risk of falling ill.


   ✔Energise          ✔Vitalise          ✔Rejuvenate           ✔Detox

EnerQi Intermediate (5 Elements Technique)
Master Yin Quan- Tiger 🐯 Element Posture

▶Recommended by Western doctors, TCM practitioners, scholars and professionals

▶Originated from the script of “5 Animals Play”, discovered from Mawangdui, a Han Dynasty archaeological site

▶Integrates Yin-Yang and 5 Elements theories, to heal chronic illnesses or injuries of more than 10 years

▶Improves co-ordinated functions of heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney, regulates and reactivates functions of weak visceral organs, nourishes skin, muscles and bones, for total transformation from inside-out


Diagnose Illnesses: Uses Qi through the practice of Crane, Monkey, Tiger, Bear and Deer techniques – an effective non-invasive natural method to trace and diagnose the source of illnesses, and for self-healing.

Prevent Illnesses: Nurtures weak organs, and protects healthy organs.

Weak organs may be congenital or acquired during conception, childhood, or caused by psychological, environmental and stress factors. By directing Primordial Qi to the organs, to enhance the integration of Yin & Yang with the 5 Elements, to activate all bodily systems to prevent potential illnesses that may cause physical and mental harm.

Master Bai Yin & Master Yin Quan in EnerQi Practice

7 Benefits of EnerQi:

Age: Suitable for the young and old, especially between 8 to 75 years old

Quick & Easy: Only 10 minutes of practice, easy to learn, suitable for those who are  busy and new to health regime

Rejuvenation: Improves circulation, and joints and muscles flexibility, reduces soreness and pain

Detoxification: Eliminates toxins through bowel movements, sweat, yawning and improves lymphatic drainage function

Qi Nourishing: For those who are weak, prone to fatigue, cold, aches and soreness

Emphasis: Especially effective for those recovering from cancer and intractable disease


The YoungQi Technique is unique and exclusive only to Bai Yin Qigong. Promotes youthfulness,not just in appearance, but also rejuvenates the internal organs as the key to  health.


Statistics collected over 50 years, show that positive effects are experienced by 500,000 people from all over the world,

who practise the YoungQi Technique. The more you practise, the younger you become. You stave off the aging process from the time that you start practising. When the rate of aging slows down, there will naturally be fewer illnesses. You definitely must not miss this Qigong opportunity!

3 Major Results

  1. Detoxification and clears Meridian Channels
  2. Transforms Qi into Essence, activates self-regulating and self-healing
  3. Re-aligns the spine, corrects posture, regains youthfulness

7 Benefits of YoungQi

Age: Suitable for the young and old, from 18 to 75 years old.

Easy to learn: Simple movements, with very effective results.

Fast: Starts to sweat within 20 minutes, relaxes your spine.

Circulation: Regulates kidney system, promotes blood circulation and prevents stasis, relaxes the whole body.

Detox: Enhances detoxification through sweat, bowel movement and yawning.

Nourishes Qi: Effectively revitalise those who are weak, and prone to fatigue, cold and chronic illnesses.

Complete: Beginner and Intermediate Techniques complement each other and form a comprehensive and effective healthcare regime.

YoungQi Beginner 

Key effects

* Expels turbidity and nourishes Qi

* A secret technique practised in ancient imperial China, which is now practised worldwide for over 50 years.

▶It has the most powerful “Dou Zhuo” (Expel Turbid Qi) Technique. 2-minute practice of this technique is more effective than consuming 100 herbs; effective detox technique, cleanses the internal organs thoroughly, regulates Qi and blood circulation.

▶ 2nd is “Na Qi” (Qi Cultivation) Technique, which empowers you to tap the universal energy to enhance your internal Qi, that is essential to heal diseases, strengthens the immune system and infuses vitality and strength into your body.

▶ 3rd is “Hui Chun” (Rejuvenation) Technique, which emphasises movements of the waist, back, shoulders and lower limbs, to delay degeneration of joints, and strengthens the lower limbs and lower back.


Expels turbidity: Within 3 minutes of practice, your body warms up, your shoulders and back are relaxed, slight sweating occurs. Obvious effects of body cleansing are evident – fatigue cleared; soreness dispelled; cold, illness and turbid Qi expelled.

Improves sleep: Effectively improves sleep quality; eliminates insomnia, shallow sleep, dreams and nocturia; improves metabolism; reduces shortness of breath; increases energy, stamina and vitality.

Nourishes Qi: Primordial Qi increases; complexion improves within a few days; muscles and joints relaxed and flexible; arteries are softened; tension, pressure and tiredness relieved; emotions calmed.

YoungQi Intermediate

*Key effects: strengthens kidneys and blood circulation

▶ YoungQi Intermediate emphasises on reviving the body’s ability to regenerate at the cellular level, delaying de-generation and promoting longevity through exercise.

▶ The 7 techniques emphasise on the re-alignment of the spine, “Dai Mai” (Girdle Vessel), “Ren Mai” and “Du Mai” (Conceptual and Governing Vessels). When the micro-cosmic circulation is re-ignited, blood circulation is restored, essence and marrow are enriched. Daily practice energises the body, delays aging and enhances longevity.

▲ Major Results

Body & Abdominal: Strengthens waist and kidney; dissipates cold hands and feet, regulates menstrual cycles; reduces fat; improves skin elasticity; anti-aging.

* Revitalises bone marrow and blood: This amazing technique promotes sweating and warmth to the waist and abdomen, particularly the “Dan Tian”; smoothening “Ren Mai” and “Du Mai” (Governing and Conceptual Vessels) and micro-cosmic circulation; and conditioning the spine and regulating the production of blood cells.

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