Doctors practising Qigong?

Topics of Interest: Why do doctors learn Qigong ? The doctors are learning THIS Qigong technique The Qigong technique that has kept the doctors practising together over the years These doctors learn Qigong from “HER” These doctors learn Health and Wellness from “HER” Why do these doctors want to practise Qigong ? Doctors practising Qigong? ... Continue Reading →

“Hui Chun Gong” (Rejuvenation Technique), the world’s foremost Qigong technique and its 4 extraordinary capabilities

Qigong is a unique treasure of the Chinese people. It has been handed down for thousands of years. Up til today, there are still millions of people around the world who practise qigong every day. Among the various Qigong techniques, “Hui Chun Gong” (Rejuvenation Technique) is acclaimed as "the world's most extraordinary Qigong technique". Well-known... Continue Reading →

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