“Hui Chun Gong” (Rejuvenation Technique), the world’s foremost Qigong technique and its 4 extraordinary capabilities

Master Bai Yin & Students-Practicing Rejuvenation Technique-“Hui Chun Gong”

Qigong is a unique treasure of the Chinese people. It has been handed down for thousands of years. Up til today, there are still millions of people around the world who practise qigong every day. Among the various Qigong techniques, “Hui Chun Gong” (Rejuvenation Technique) is acclaimed as “the world's most extraordinary Qigong technique”. Well-known wellness expert Master Bai Yin, who has taught Qigong for more than 30 years, says that Hui Chun Gong produces 4 major exceptional results, which include correcting the spine, replenishing kidney Qi, nourishing the joints, and maintaining a good frame of mind. In addition to that, it can certainly slow down the ageing process and bring about rejuvenation.

“The main capability of “Hui Chun Gong” is repairing the spine. This is the most extraordinary effectiveness of “Hui Chun Gong”. All the techniques in the entire module, from “lóng tǔ wù” (Qi Amplification), “lóng bǎi wěi” (Qian-Kun Bone Marrow Cleansing), “lóng tàn hǎi” (Kan-Li Bone Marrow Cleansing), “lóng yóu sheng” (Loong Soaring), “lóng xì zhū” (Qi-Ball Playing) focuses on correcting the spine and balancing the musculature on both sides of the body, adjusting displaced internal organs back to their original positions. According to Master Bai Yin, many ageing issues are related to the spinal degeneration. Correcting the spine will put a stop to the ageing process from the onset.

Spinal Degeneration

Another name for Rejuvenation Technique (“Hui Chun Gong”) is “Bone Marrow Cleansing Technique”. Cleansing the bone marrow is the extraordinary capability of the Rejuvenation Technique. Master Bai Yin says the spine does not consist of bones only. There is the spinal marrow

Spinal Marrow

within, and the muscles that entwine around it on the outside. Rejuvenation Technique promotes the circulation of Qi and blood in the spine, which relaxes the spine. When the spine is completely relaxed, there will be conditioning in the innermost parts of the body. This is the deep core anti-ageing restoration.

With the benefit of many years of teaching experience, Master Bai Yin observes that 90% of people nowadays have premature degeneration of the spine. 9 out of 10 persons hunch when they walk, their bodies are slanted off-centre, and they have stiff back muscles. Many minor health problems surface well before they are 40 years old, mostly due to premature ageing. Practising Rejuvenation Technique involves relaxing the spine first, allowing it to stretch from the inside, to enable smooth Qi and blood circulation which relaxes the body, and thus slowing down the ageing process.

Ageing is inevitable, causing Qi and blood circulation to be poor. This is particularly evident at the lumbar (lower back) area, which is the automaton of the body’s circulation mechanism. When circulation at the lumbar area is poor, circulation of the entire body will follow suit, extending to the extremities of the limbs. In such vicious conditions, hands and feet get cold easily, and aches develop at the shoulders. The entire Rejuvenation Technique focuses on correcting the imbalance of the musculature on both sides of the spine, helping tight muscles to relax, and weak muscles to regain elasticity.

The second capability of Rejuvenation Technique is self-regulation of the endocrine system. In Chinese medicine terms, it means consolidating kidney Qi. Master Bai Yin states that kidney Qi is the kindling for youthfulness. If kidney Qi is weak, the body’s vitality and physical strength will also weaken. The functioning of internal organs will deteriorate, resulting in rapid ageing. A person’s radiant appearance is reflective of the well-balanced functioning of his internal organs.

Master Bai Yin points out that kidney Qi is depleted daily. It is insufficient to depend on just sleep and food to replenish kidney Qi. If you nurture your kidney Qi for just 10 minutes daily at home, you can replenish your used up Qi, thus arresting the depletion. Daily accumulation of practice over a year, or even 5 years, means you have lesser depletion of kidney Qi as compared to others. It will slow down your ageing and maintain your body’s youthful vitality.

The third capability of Rejuvenation Technique is taking care of the 6 major joints in the body. Master Bai Yin explains that the shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, pelvis and knees are the six major, and most important, joints in the body. They are also the body’s axle, which connect the body’s entire muscular-skeletal system, circulation, muscles and blood vessels. They must be specially taken care of to reduce injuries.

The Knee Turning Method-by Master Yin Quan

Olden day people performed large amounts of physical work and moved their joints more. Following changes in lifestyles, people nowadays are spending more time sitting down, and moving their joints much lesser. Long hours are spent sitting in an upright 90°posture, in positions that are “rigid, sedentary, lacking in physical range of movements”, resulting in minimal joints utilisation.  As the saying goes “Whatever is used will progress, whatever is neglected will regress”. For example, a car has to be driven to keep it functioning properly. Similarly, if the joints are not moved, they will gradually become rusty. Even muscles and tendons will contract, resulting in serious damage.

Rigid, Sedentary, Lacking in physical range of movements cause all these!!!

The fourth capability of the Rejuvenation Technique is its ability to work on the frame of mind, besides working on the body. Having taught almost two generations of students all over the world for 30 years, Master Bai Yin has seen many whose health not only improved, but also becoming joyful and smiling often, after practising Rejuvenation Technique. As a teacher, even she is amazed at the extraordinary results of this incredible technique. This is because Rejuvenation Technique has undergone through a specially designed process. When practising this technique, it allows one to leave the confines of the urban concrete jungle and frees the mind to travel through outer space.

A person may not be able to travel physically, but his mind is free to do so. One may not be able to avoid going to work, but his mind can be on a holiday at any time. Master Bai Yin says that practising Qigong daily for ten minutes frees your mind to go on a holiday. This is a good way to escape the stress of modern day living. Many feel joyful while practicing the Rejuvenation Technique. This ten minutes of pleasant relaxation kicks off the day with joy and contentment. This positive start sets up the right frame of mind for a beautiful day ahead.

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