What is “in vogue” Qigong?

What is “in vogue” Qigong? Is it due to a fashionable teacher? Master Bai Yin reveals the previously undisclosed story of how “in vogue” Qigong is now considered contemporary. Many people have asked me why the contemporary wellness regime that I teach is said to be “in vogue”. Am I considered “in vogue” because I... Continue Reading →

The Fragrant Concubine’s 3-Step Beauty Technique

Are wrinkles pre-maturely aging you, making you look like an Auntie instead of a sweet young thing? This is a 3-step technique that gets rid of wrinkles, and moistens your skin to become bright and lustrous. “Huang Di Nei Jing” states: “Continuous flow of Qi nourishes the internal organs and rejuvenates the external complexion”. Wrinkles... Continue Reading →

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