What is “Contemporary” Qigong?

What is “Contemporary” Qigong?

Is it due to a fashionable teacher?

Master Bai Yin reveals the previously undisclosed story of how “Contemporary” Qigong is now considered contemporary.

Many people have asked me why the contemporary wellness regime that I teach is said to be “Contemporary”. Am I considered “Contemporary” because I am young, beautiful and dress fashionably, which is a far cry from the legendary old master, with his long silvery hair and beard extending below his shoulders?

In Master Bai Yin’s opinion, being “Contemporary” means moving ahead of everyone else, and being at the cutting edge of the present times.

“Contemporary” is not following a fad, it is setting the trend. Master Bai Yin’s mother started the trend 50 years ago. She is the first female wellness master to teach internationally, and is also the first female Qigong expert to teach and be published in English, German, French, Spanish, Greek and many other languages. She is the icon of being “in vogue”. She is committed to her daily practice of self-cultivation – 50 years seem to be like a day. Although she is already 80, she still wears miniskirts and high heels. Everyone who meets her exclaims in disbelief of how an 80 year old can be so well maintained.

Master Bai Yin says, “I am a mother of 4 children, and I am proud that my complexion and figure are still well maintained. Presently, together with my husband and 2 daughters, I am taking advantage of the publication of my works, to officially hand over the baton to be inherited by the 3rd generation. I am very glad that we are able to help the students who attend our classes to be rejuvenated and be relieved of their pains and illnesses within a short period of time. Those who practise for 100 days generally experience improvements in their physical fitness, vitality and overall morale. Not only do students recover their health, they also regain their happiness. We are a group who are advancing in age, but we do not exhibit the common characteristics of aging. All of us are full of youthful vigour, glowing with health and vitality, and leading independent lives of mastering our self-healing powers in our senior years. All these are the best trademarks of  “contemporary” Qigong.

We have set the new wellness targets for the contemporary world :

20 years ago, we pioneered the combination of Qigong therapy with music. Every technique and movement has its corresponding music. We have also merged Qigong with mindfulness cultivation.  Our students who have completed their essential courses and have experienced improvements in their health willingly return to help new students. This proliferation of positive energy has enabled many other people to step out of their abyss of suffering. They are now leading happy lives with smiles on their faces, and continuously express their gratitude and gratefulness.

The above is my definition of “Contemporary”, to be at the cutting edge of current trends, turning the impossible into possible. What was un-thought of by others, what had not been done by others – we have already thought about it and achieved it, and in fact, strive to do it even better. We use the most modern modes of communication to widely spread the most ancient of Qigong techniques, to impress upon students that the practice of mindfulness and self-cultivation is not difficult to learn, it is not boring nor is it superstitious; that Qigong is the most innovative, most interesting, and most contemporary wellness regime. As long as you are willing to learn from us, you will be effectively relieved of chronic diseases caused by hectic lifestyles, and discover the marvels of healthy living.

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