💖LOVE❤, Brings Bai Yin QiGong to Malaysia

Chief Instructor-Tiang Soon

Where there are Chinese people, there is sure to be Qigong, and Malaysia is no exception. What is surprising, however, is that the Qigong technique that is popular in Malaysia actually originates from Taiwan. Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong celebrated its 10th anniversary in Malaysia in 2017. Over the period of 3,000 plus days, more than 50,000 Malaysians have fallen in love with this ancient Chinese wellness practice that has been passed down through the years.

Year 2017-10th Anniversary Celebration:
Sitting Front : Master Yin Quan; Master Bai Yin
Standing (fr. left:) Jason & Poh Hong; Tiang Soon & Yu Hua

Why are Malaysians so taken in by this form of Qigong from Taiwan? The story begins with a true story of “sibling love”. 💕

from left: Instructor Poh Hong; Master Yin Quan; Master Bai Yin; Chief Instructor Tiang Soon

There is this Malaysian couple. The wife’s name is Poh Hong. She suffered from nasopharyngeal (nose) cancer more than twelve years ago. After she had undergone 30 times radiotherapy treatments, there was still a 2cm remnant tumour. Her life was in great turmoil, and she became very depressed. Poh Hong’s brother is Tiang Soon. Tiang Soon is an overseas Malaysian Chinese student. After graduation, he worked in Hsin Chu Technology Park in Taiwan. He later worked in large international manufacturing companies such as Intel. At that time, he had practised Qigong with wellness expert Master Bai Yin for some time.

Tiang Soon, who studied science, believes in facts. He has learnt Qigong and felt for himself its benefit to his own health.  Thus, he advised his sister, Poh Hong, to come to Taiwan to learn Qigong with Master Bai Yin. Who would know – a miracle that defied scientific and medical logic could happen.


Poh Hong took her brother's advice. She flew to Taiwan to learn Qigong and continued to practise upon returning to Malaysia.  After 26 days, when she went to the hospital for her check-up, the doctor told her that her tumour was gone.

This wonder happened right before her eyes. It was no magic, no falsehood. Since then, Poh Hong and Tiang Soon believe whole-heartedly in the self-healing power of the human body. As long as the body is correctly activated, through constant practice, the body will reap the benefits of good health and wellness. Poh Hong, gifted with a new lease of life, was full of gratitude. In addition to being filled with joy, she also made a wish: Since this Qigong technique saved her, it could also help others. So she thought and decided that like herself, her relatives and friends in Malaysia must have the opportunity to learn this Qigong technique.

At the beginning, Master Bai Yin did not conduct Qigong classes in Malaysia. Thus, Poh Hong and her husband Jason flew with family members and friends, in groups, from Malaysia to Taiwan to attend classes. Everyone felt that the effects of this Qigong were fast and noticeable, very suitable for modern day Malaysians.

The Chinese people have a long history in Malaysia. Their eating habits have integrated with the local culture: food is oily and heavily flavoured. Among the Chinese, the three chronic “high” diseases are common – blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose; and increasingly more cancer patients are from the younger age group. As such, a growing number of Malaysian Chinese began to learn Qigong from Master Bai Yin, hence she started to teach in Malaysia. Through word of mouth, a whirlwind trend of keen interest in learning Qigong swept over the Malaysian Chinese.

Malaysia does not have adequate exercise areas, nor proper methods. The locals, unlike westerners, do not like to exercise. Plus, there are few facilities for exercising. The Qigong technique popularized by Master Bai Yin does not require a specific venue, entails short practice time, and produces excellent results. Hence, it immediately became highly sought-after.   Every free seminar conducted attracted crowds of attendees, and the students’ learning enthusiasm was extremely high.

Compared to other students around the world, Master Bai Yin says that Malaysian Chinese are particularly uncomplicated and retain the strong Chinese upbringing of respecting teachers. “They believe that as long it is taught and advised by the teacher, they will follow everything strictly. If the teacher tells them to do something three times, these students will never do it just once.  Therefore, their results are especially fast and noticeable.”

Master Bai Yin has a Malaysian student who has many younger sisters. This student’s entire family was prone to high blood pressure. All the sisters took medication to lower their blood pressure from age 30. The eldest sister’s blood pressure stabilised after practising Qigong for 6 months. Her doctor then recommended that she could cease taking the medication. In the whole family, she was the only one who could stop her medication regiment through Qigong practice. This remarkable precedence caused the other sisters to be envious.  Eventually, everyone in the family learnt Qigong. After practising Qigong, this student not only had her blood pressure stabilised, she also lost nearly 20 kgs in weight.

lost nearly 20 kgs in weight😮

Is this Qigong practised by the Malaysians similar to that practised by the Taiwanese? Master Bai Yin says that it is the same. “Qigong has this great advantage – so long as you are human, you can practise it. The body structure and circulation of every human’s Qi and blood is the same, regardless of race and dietary habits. A good Qigong technique is suitable for any race and age.”

Anyone can learn and practise Qigong – that is the Qigong advantage.  It is unlike other forms of exercise, which have restrictions, prerequisites, even possibilities of sustaining bodily injuries if not performed properly. Qigong movements are slow, and its learning method is gradual and systematic. As long as you find the right teacher and practise properly, you will reap all the great benefits of your practice and not be injured.

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