Health and Luck are cultivated through practice

Master Bai Yin-Practise Rejuvenation Technique (Hui Chun) together with students

According to Feng Shui studies in relation to Humans, health and luck are cultivated through practice.

So goes the popular Chinese fortune-telling tenet : “One – Fate, Two – Luck, Three – Feng Shui”.  Feng Shui is energy, and when energy is modulated, you can change your luck! In recent years, Feng Shui studies have become popular worldwide. Whether as an individual or an enterprise, all has begun to acknowledge the importance of Feng Shui. Although this energy cannot be see nor touched, it exists. Many people, after modulating their energy, see a reversal of adversity or misfortune, or the appearance of benefactors. Feng Shui has been regarded abroad in similar value as artistic craftsmanship and is regarded as the essence of metaphysics.

Heaven and earth have Feng Shui, as does the human body, which is closely connected to our health. Wellness expert Master Bai Yin says, “Heaven has three treasures: the sun, the moon and stars; Earth has three treasures: water, fire and wind; Human has three treasures: Essence, Qi, and Spirit (EQS).” The commonality of all three groups of treasures is that they serve as sources of energy. For Humans, adjusting the energy, relationship, and interaction of one’s EQS can alter the course of many problems, such as chronic diseases and illnesses, episodic relapses, sickly constitution (valetudinarian), and lack of vitality. Presently, in Germany and the United States, many patients suffering from chronic illness with ineffective treatments have sought and turned to alternative therapies. Human Feng Shui is one of the emerging wellness options that is highly regarded. When Feng Shui is bad, declining fortune ensues. Master Bai Yin explains that Human Feng Shui is based on the ancient Taoist wellness concept, complemented with elements of modern management of emotion, energy, kinetic energy, etc. By adjusting the energy field as the main approach, and emphasising the concept of “Where Qi flows, blood flows; unobstructed Qi and blood circulation will eliminate hundreds of diseases.”

Essence, Qi and Spirit

Essence, Qi and Spirit (EQS) respectively represent three levels of substance, energy, and spirituality. ‘’Essence” refers to the ability of the human body to transform microscopic substances, such as food, water, air and sunlight into energy that the body can utilise. The changing modern day lifestyle, such as sedentary habits, long working hours, high stress, and long periods of staying indoors have gradually weakened this process of “transforming essence into energy.”

Many office workers complain that they have no time and no physical energy to exercise. Not only are they physically out of shape, they also suffer from weak physical strength, poor vitality, backache, lower back pain and poor sleep quality. Their three “highs” remain high, and they are statistics in the “sub-healthy group.” In fact, those are by-products of problems occurred during energy conversion. Because of poor circulation, the Human Feng Shui becomes increasingly turbid, as toxins (garbage) cannot be expelled. As such, positive energy cannot enter. Wellness or health and luck are always directly proportionate to each other.  Poor Human Feng Shui can negatively impact luck, whereby careers and family relationships could be jeopardised.

Master Bai Yin mentions that any change in Human Feng Shui is sufficient to affect one’s wellness condition. When the three – Essence, Qi and Spirit (EQS) are not in proper functioning condition, the nutrients from one’s food intake becomes a burden that is not able to be absorbed into one’s body. No matter how nutritious or how organic the intake is, the essence of the food cannot be absorbed. When the process of “transforming essence into energy’’ is in a chaotic state, physical body condition declines.  The body is either too cold, too dry or too hot, causing depression, anxiety, unhappiness and short temper, which are the negative impacts of Feng Shui changes on the human body. Adjusting the human body’s three treasures (EQS) will usher the return of good luck. Master Bai Yin emphasises that the human body is not lacking in energy. Rather, the problem rests with how it converts energy effectively.  A daily well-applied 10 minutes to wellness and fitness strengthens the body's kinetic energy, which in turn helps to convert unabsorbed food into nutrients that the body can utilise. For example, many girls often have cold abdomens. They believe that they are physically weak, so they think they should eat more tonic food to supplement for the deficiency. Conversely, if the body cannot transform the tonics into nutrients, the tonics actually become toxins, which are a burden the body.

The period between 5 to 7 a.m. is when “Yang” Qi is most abundant and strong. Practise Rejuvenation Technique (Hui Chun) for 3 minutes during this period, allowing your shoulders, back and legs to be totally relaxed, taking turns to rotate each shoulder to the back 64 times.  As you rotate, you will start to yawn. After about 1 minute, you will notice significant warmth and slight sweating at the region at your back, your stiff shoulders are relaxed. After 2 minutes, many will hiccup, fart and have runny noses. This is the process of the body expelling cold qi and detoxing. When putrid qi is expelled, the body’s circulation will improve, and the effect of “where Qi goes, blood follows” will be achieved. Practising Bai Yin  wellness management enhances better body circulation, achieves self-regulating energy and improves the capability of the Human Feng Shui elements of “essence, qi and spirit” for transformation. Putrid qi is expelled, and good Qi is gathered naturally. Many people experience improvement in their health and luck, and in their emotional stability to attract more benefactors to help them, for the benefit of their careers and family relationships and thus, their destinies are changed. Master Bai Yin says: “In fact, the practice of wellness management does not add or take away anything from the body. It only transforms the circulation of Essence, Qi and Spirit, allowing it to be unimpeded. When connection is in proper order, all life’s problems can be resolved!”

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