Achieving the standards: From TSMC to the UNILIONS, from Athletes to Engineers … They are practicing “THIS” …

Master Yin Quan

The whole world is in pursuit of health, encouraging each other to exercise. What kind of health nurturing exercise is this, that has captured the attention of the people  – from TSMC to the UNILIONS


(a professional baseball team in Taiwan), be it athletes or engineers, that is suitable for both the young and the elderly? According to Master Yin Quan, the Chief lecturer of Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong, the Taoist Rejuvenation Qigong Technique, which has survived the test of time of over thousands of years, is able to help the young to relax, and the elderly to be flexible. It is the best form of exercise for all.

Master Yin Quan has been teaching Qigong for 15 years, locally and abroad. His students number to the hundreds of thousands. He says, “Regardless of your age, you should choose an exercise regime that is suitable for you, because when you are ill, you consult the doctor, but you rely on your own self to nurture your health. If you develop good exercise habits from young, you can reduce illness and enjoy a healthy life. This is the health objective that modern people pursue.”

He says, “I have been conducting classes all over the world over the years. Many new students remark in surprise when they enter the class – “Wow! So many are young people, not the elderly!” In fact, Qigong is most suitable to be practised by the young. Most people think that young people love only sports, and Qigong is learned mostly by elderly. The truth is, when young people practise Qigong, they will have glowing complexions and proper postures.”

Twelve years ago, Master Yin Quan went to Tainan to serve as a health consultant for the UNILIONS baseball team. Within two days, he taught the players how to quickly relax their muscles. Their chief coach and physical therapists thought that this technique was unbelievable, because the players were prone to tennis elbows and muscle stiffness at their shoulders and arms. When Master Yin Quan taught them the Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong, they just could not do the seemingly simple movements, and it was too painful for them.

Master Yin Quan and UNILIONS Baseball team
Master Yin Quan used Qigong to fine-tune the players

Master Yin Quan used Qigong to fine-tune the players. The players recalled that in less than 5 minutes, the simple movements actually made their whole body sweat – it was amazing! During sleep that night, the injured areas felt warm, and certain parts seemed to have electric current flowing through. During class the following day, the players were super attentive. Through the relaxed and slow movements, their body reactions were beyond imagination – all their muscles relaxed, the pain and soreness in their hands, shoulders and disappeared, and their flexibility improved.

In fact, Master Yin Quan himself had experienced it, too. He practised Tai Chi and yoga from the age of 8. He was a swimmer, and trained to build up his physical strength and stamina in his 20s. He knew personally what types of injuries were caused by various types of sports. It is popular nowadays to train in the gym for physical strength and body sculpting. However, excessive weight training may damage muscles and more commonly, cause muscle stiffness.

Such symptoms are more obvious to the middle-aged. Many of his students are entrepreneurs, as well as political and business personalities. They like to play golf, and are likely would twist their waists. Their relief is a 2- to 3-hour massage, but which is only effective if done by an expert masseur. However, through Master Yin Quan's Rejuvenation Qigong Technique, the body can be made flexible enough to bend from the waist, and be relieved from shoulder stiffness.

Master Yin Quan says that the effects of sports and Qigong are completely different. Sports strengthens the body, trains muscles, and enhances lung capacity. On the other hand, Qigong activates the internal organs and makes the body flexible and relaxed. He explains that practising Qigong is in fact exercising the brain. An important Taoist principle is “Rejuvenation of the brain”. It enables the brain to relax, strengthens the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, relaxes the autonomic nerves, and activates the functions of the internal organs. Blood infuses the whole body, and spontaneously relaxes the neck and shoulder areas.

Waist Relaxation Technique-by Master Yin Quan

After learning the Rejuvenation Technique, many students who had lower back and shoulder pains, back stiffness and sleep disorder, found that their waists have become flexible, their golf swings cover greater distance, nocturia is gone, and they can sleep through the night. Their night-time performance is revived to that of 20 years ago! Because of these obvious improvements, one by one, the technology companies and listed corporations, from northern Taiwan to the south, successively established similar practice groups. Be it the bosses, senior executives or the rank and file employees, everyone is practising every day for health and well-being, and their work performance is greatly improved.

Master Yin Quan says that learning Qigong is much easier than you think. The most important features of Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong are: simple to learn, easy to practise, short duration, movements, and most importantly, quick results. Many students found that after practising, their bodies feel comfortable, their mental abilities are strengthened. It seems that 10 minutes of Qigong practice daily is too short! Their bodies become more youthful and their moods more serene. Once you are used to practising, you will want to continue on with it forever.

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