Shao Yifu (Sir Run Run Shaw), Tang Fei, Lin Cangsheng, some of the prominent figures who learnt Qigong from Grandmaster Gao Yun

Grand Master Gao Yun 😍

Hong Kong entertainment tycoon, Shao Yifu (Sir Run Run Shaw); ex- CEO of Taiwan Unified Group, Lin Cangsheng; and retired Republic of China Air Force General, Tang Fei; have something in common – they learnt the same Qigong technique for health and wellness from the same Qigong Master.

Post-retirement, Tang Fei is still in high spirits. He has been practising Qigong daily without fail for more than 20 years since the time when he was the Commander-in-Chief of the Air Force. He exclaims that he would not be who he is today, had he not learn this Qigong technique.

Gao Yun, age 50, has the figure of a young lady

Shao Yifu, Lin Cangsheng and Tang Fei’s Master is Gao Yun, who has promoted Qigong for more than half a century. Nearly 30 years ago, Gao Yun arrived in Taiwan from the United States. At the age of 50 years, she was acclaimed by the media as “lithe and graceful like a young lady” and “truly unable to tell her age by her appearance”. In the era when there were only three TV stations, China TV Co., China Television and Taiwan TV had special coverage of this Qigong Master who hailed from mainland China, yet had made a name for herself abroad.

It was during that time that Tang Fei learnt Qigong from Gao Yun. Since he learnt Qigong 27 years ago, he has never missed a single day of practice. He says the word “perseverance” has seen him through to his then age of 85 years, in good health and full with vitality. He is very grateful for this Qigong technique, which has brought him joy and happiness.

Besides Tang Fei, those who benefited from this Qigong technique include many low-profile political and business personalities, movie stars, and others. Many travelled to Taiwan to learn Qigong from Gao Yun. When Grand Master Gao Yun retired and embarked on her world-wide travels, they continued their practice with the Grand Master’s successor and daughter, Bai Yin. In the blink of an eye, Master Bai Yin has continued on, promoting this technique in Taiwan for more than 20 years.

Gao Yun retires, Bai Yin and Yin Quan forge on

Today, Bai Yin Qigong not only has tens of thousands of students in Taiwan, but also a growing number of students in Hong Kong and Malaysia who are following Bai Yin and her husband, Yin Quan to learn of the technique handed down from Grand Master Gao Yun.

Yin Quan and Bai Yin are double-Master degree holders from Australia and the United States respectively. They pioneered the MBA-style of teaching Qigong, erasing people’s pre-conceived mindset of the traditional Qigong methods. Their new approach makes Qigong relaxing to learn, easy to practise, with stimulating movements, yielding positive results, so that students have confidence and persevere with their Qigong practice. Many of the students have improved health, are well-proportioned and always wearing a smile.

Bai Yin students are from all walks of life – not only celebrities, but also common people, life-saving doctors, even students who want to maintain their vitality or those who are just beginners.

The Deputy Secretary General of Taiwan Children's Heart Association and pediatrician, Dr Ye Shuren is a student of Bai Yin.

He used to work abnormally long hours, as demanded of his stressful job. Five years ago, his neck and shoulders became so stiff that he was unable to turn his neck. His hands and feet were cold and weak. He found it difficult to sleep at night, and when he woke up every morning, he felt a tingling sensation in his limbs. As a doctor, he recognized these as early symptoms of an impending stroke.

He was only in his 40s, and these signs of premature aging worried him –  Should he have a stroke, what would happen to his family ? He even bought an insurance policy.

Dr. reclaims health after practising Qigong

Dr. Ye recalls that he used to snore when he slept. Sometimes, he would awaken suddenly from deep sleep, only to find that he had stopped breathing momentarily. He feared having a stroke, and even sudden death. Subsequently, he attended Master Bai Yin’s class. Through the Bai Yin QiGong For Life courses, he realised that he is the one in control of his life, and is responsible for his own health.

Soothing Qi-Master Bai Yin

Through Qigong practice, he gradually regained his health. His waistline trimmed down by 3 inches, his weight reduced by 10 kg, his liver index returned to normal, his fatty liver regulated, his metabolism improved, and his limbs are no longer cold. He looks younger and is more energetic than before.

Chen Huizhen is another student of Master Bai Yin. She is a doctor of preventive medicine and has served on multiple national research teams. She was used to keeping long and stress-filled work hours, writing thesis, giving lectures, and taking care of her family at the same time. She was burning the proverbial candle at both ends. Her body started to issue red alert alarms, when she began to suffer from lower back pain, which lasted for many years. She thought of exercising to relieve her lower back pain, but due to bone spur growth in her vertebrae, exercises such as weight lifting or running on the treadmill were not suitable for her. Finally, it was through Qigong practice that she broke free from the misery of her lower back pain.

Dr. of preventive medicine so happy –  healed from lower back pain !

When Chen Huizhen first practised Qigong, she had major detoxification. Her sweat was smelly and sticky. She experienced unbearable lower back pain but she persisted on this last avenue of hope, gritting her teeth to endure the pain. She used the force of determination and diligence to see her through to success, and finally healed herself of her lower back pain. Her body was no longer stiff but became flexible, and was less prone to sprains and pain.

Dr Chen recalls that before learning Qigong, her waist was synonymous to the word ‘PAIN’,

Pain !!!

excruciating pain which spanned her neck and shoulders, down to her lower back. Now, it’s a world of difference – her lower back is strengthened and the pain is gone. She discovered Qigong as a soft and relaxing technique, and recommends those with waist injuries to try Qigong.

After practising Qigong for half a year, Dr Chen also recovered from her swollen feet – her walking became easier and her steps lighter. However, she is happiest that her waist no hurts. She could do housework and climb the stairs easily, she is full of energy. More-over, she lost 10+ kgs,

Lost 10+ Kgs 😊

her dress size reduced from “3XL” to “M”. She is incredibly happy, it feels like being reborn.

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