Health is very important! ☀ Sharing by Daisy Wu from Hong Kong

10 March 2019-Hong Kong-Wellness Seminar by Master Yin Quan

Sharing by Daisy Wu from Hong Kong
Health is very important! ☀

When I was taking care of my relative who was admitted to the hospital, I witnessed with my own eyes, the amount of people suffering from cerebrovascular disease. They not only lose their mobility but also the ability to speak. They were so helpless from young to old, it was depressing to witness such a situation. From eating to taking medicine, bathing, dressing up and even passing urine & motion, they needed help. When their families are not around, they let out their despair and anguish (there're no sign of abuse or negligence so far). Some of the elderly can't afford private care, and depend on their children. Some children, don't share the same gender, just like this elderly on the next bed, only has 2 sons.

In the hospital ward

Therefore when she needs to pass urine or motion, both her sons are the one that will help and clean her.

In the hospital ward

When a person has reach this point of life, they are just grateful for someone that's still willing to care for them. Long term care by their kids, spending their time and energy, day and night, day after day, years after year, how many people can really take care of their sick family?! 🤔

Health is the most important !

Therefore, I truly understand the importance of taking care of my own health. When I'm old, I don't have to feel so much pain and being helpless like this poor old people. Master Bai Yin and Master Yin Quan often mention “Mastering Self Healing Power”, it's not to seek good health, but to seek a better death. Which means to have a healthy life, no suffering and having a fast pain free death. 💪

Although I didn't sleep enough, today is the snow festival, I still gave myself at least an hour to practise EnerQi beginner + advance, YoungQi beginner, Loong Bai Wei, Loong Xi Zhu and Sound Healing Technique. EnerQi raises Yang Qi, ability to detox and protect us with the mighty golden shield, “Jin Zhong Zhao” (ill Qi and Putrid Qi should be the worst?!). YoungQi would help me to rejuvenate and nourish my blood while strengthening my spine, waist and leg. Sound healing technique, strengthen the functions of my internal organs and strengthens my physical body. After leaving the hospital, I'll be sure to practise detoxification technique, Dou Jor, to get rid of all ill Qi and Putrid Qi. ☀☀☀💪💪💪

Each of the Bai Yin Qigong's essential courses and its technique has its own function. It's best to practise them all together to get the best benefit out of them. Very grateful to be able to learn such a good technique, not only to have indepedence of life but to be healthier! 🙏❤☀☀☀


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