Practise Qigong to strengthen visceral (internal organ) weaknesses

Humans have internal organs (viscera). Where are the congenital weaknesses of your viscera? Wellness expert Master Bai Yin reminds that everyone has both congenital and acquired organ weaknesses, and that sickness begins from the weakest organ. If you wish to live a happy life, you must know how to choose the right exercise that helps you stay healthy.

Modern people generally lack exercise. Blood circulation is poor and the body is far from being healthy when it is inactive. When there are blockages and certain parts of the body become particularly weak, qi and blood circulation are disrupted, causing a person to lose his vitality. When the weakest viscera breaks down, the overall health of the person will be affected.

Many people think they don’t have serious health problems. According to Master Bai Yin, from the Qi perspective, a person’s health is not just determined by the 99% of good Qi in the body, but also depends on the remaining 1% weakness in the viscera.  Even though it is just 1%, it can drag down the 99% of good Qi, just like cracks in porcelain will cause leakage and render the item useless. The weakest viscera is like a gap in the body. If left untreated, Qi will leak away and eventually affects the performance of the rest of the visceral organs, and drains off vitality from the organs.

Do not allow the weak viscera to interfere with your overall health

Regardless of whether viscera weakness is congenital or acquired, dominant or recessive, the weak organ is the first to succumb to diseases. Master Bai Yin points out that congenital genetic diseases, such as heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc., are normally inherited from parents’ defective genes and may be passed on to the next generation.

For those who are sick, the weak organ is the first domino chip to fall, causing a chain reaction that gradually affects the other organs.

Only by consolidating the weak and the strong, can the chain reaction be arrested. One has to continue to strengthen the weak organ, using the right methods to adjust and reinforce it, so that the body can return to the state of equilibrium. 

Qi helps to rejuvenate our body

Master Bai Yin says that Qigong is a good way to repair weak viscera.  Many Qigong students share that they feel happy and relaxed after practising Qigong. When the body is happy and relaxed, it produces vital energy. Vitality is the body’s defensive force. It will identify the body parts that need to be repaired, and will automatically tune and condition it. This is the body’s instinctive self-protection and prevention capability against diseases.

Modern lifestyle is always on the go, hectic, with hardly a moment to relax, which is exhausting to the human body. Spending just 10 minutes during lunch break to practise Qigong is sufficient to rejuvenate a person. Master Bai Yin explains that vitality is the body’s “General”, the main governing force that guides Qi to identify areas that need repairing. The “General” will assume control and gives instructions to the “Soldiers”, who will naturally follow orders. The main reason of modern diseases is that there is no “General” to take charge and the situation becomes an internal mess. Hence, the body is gradually weakened by these minor symptoms.

Master Bai Yin suggests that 10 minutes of Qigong exercise daily helps to activate Qi and blood flow through the meridians, helps the body to identify weak viscera and repair it, such that the healthy body parts become stronger and the weak parts are restored without external interference, to restore the body’s balanced equilibrium.

[Testimony] Transformation of a Homebody and an engineers who fell in love with Qigong

Who says that a homebody is useless and that IT people do not exercise at all?  MediaTek engineer, Lin JianCheng was a typical homebody who did no exercise, did not sweat, hardly went out or exposed himself to sunlight. On rest days, he would sleep for long hours. On normal days, he worked hard in front of the computer for more than 10 hours daily in exchange for monetary compensation. However, there was no happiness in him. After he learnt Qigong from Master Bai Yin, his weight dropped by 10kg, he feels fresh and does not tire easily as he did before. Nowadays, he looks young and is full of energy.

4 years ago, Lin suffered from poor sleep quality. He always felt tired by 4 p.m., but would be wide awake at night time. He constantly stayed up late. This habit disrupted his biological clock. He also suffered from duodenal ulcer and gastro-esophageal reflux. Sports injuries from his younger days led to disc herniation, which caused back pain. Since then, he feared exercising and gained a lot of weight. At the age of below 40, he was already suffering from severe fatty liver.

After learning Bai Yin Qigong, Lin practises for 10 minutes every afternoon, and these 10 minutes are his happiest times. His muscles and bones loosened, turbidity was released, his body became flexible from the simple Qigong movements and his Qi blockages cleared. He felt energetic and was able to continue working after qigong practice. His past health problems of stiff neck and shoulders, gastroesophageal reflux, sleep disorders, disc herniation, severe fatty liver and others no longer bothered him today. Now, he sweats easily, sleeps well and is happily enjoying vitality of life every day.

Huang Baizheng is also a Mediatek engineer. He was asthmatic since childhood. Following doctors’ advice to exercise more, he used to play badminton for two to three hours. He ended up over-exercising and over-exerted himself.  As a result, he sustained injuries to his waist, knees and shoulders. Long-term sedentary lifestyle at the computer desk caused his waist to become weak, his knees degenerated and he developed headache and insomnia due to stiff neck. Results from his physical examination showed that he had moderate fatty liver and his myopia


increased from 500 to 800 degrees within a few years, as well as glaucoma.


After Huang joined Bai Yin Qigong classes, the pressure in his eyes dropped, his eyes were no longer smarting and tight, and his eyesight stabilised at 700 degrees. The fat around his waistline and liver reduced. Just 10 minutes of Qigong practice brought about a big change in him, that made him fall in love with Qigong.

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