Indoor Qigong exercise to counter allergies caused by air pollution

When air pollution index (API) hits PM2.5, be careful when exercising outdoors. It may trigger asthma allergies, which could be aggravated with more movements. In the opinion of wellness expert Master Bai Yin, it is not necessary to practise Qigong outdoors, nor does it require any equipment. It can easily be practised indoors. When API reaches PM2.5, it is safer to practise Qigong indoors for a quick and effective workout.

PM2.5 !!!

Many jog, walk, cycle, etc. in pursuit of better health. However, API exceeding the danger levels of PM2.5 is damaging to our respiratory system.

Air Pollution

It is then no longer safe for outdoor sports. Deep breathing in the open will be harmful for our health. This is because when the API is PM2.5, there are fine particles containing carcinogens in the air. When these enter our lungs through our respiratory system, they will be circulated through the bloodstream. If we inhale such polluted air over a long term, it will increase the chances of lung cancer, heart disease, chronic respiratory disease and asthma. In Taiwan, more than half of the Taiwanese have genetic allergies, and 80% of the children have symptoms of allergy. API of PM2.5 will aggravate both allergies and respiratory diseases.

Master Bai Yin

Master Bai Yin says that the dry autumn and winter seasons, coupled with the stimulation of air pollution factors, may cause allergy symptoms that would normally appear in spring, to surface prematurely. In addition to the normal sneezing, runny nose or itchy skin, many will suffer from poor concentration, chronic fatigue, poor sleep quality, frequent abdominal pain, headache, cough, joint pain and other allergy reactions. The cause of many common chronic diseases may even be traced back to allergies.

Prone to allergy ?

Children with allergies will show obvious problematic symptoms in their respiratory systems, such as sneezing in the morning, sinus inflammation, nasal congestion, sore throat, swelling, frequent colds, and inability to concentrate on their studies. More specific symptoms such as itchy skin and rashes, constantly rubbing their noses and eyes, atopic dermatitis, etc., may further confirm that the child could be suffering from chronic allergy.

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) ranks the highest among the common allergy related illnesses. According to statistics, 1 in 4 adults and 1 in 3 children suffer from allergic rhinitis. Analysis shows that allergic rhinitis is mainly caused by insufficient Qi in the lungs. As “the lungs govern the skin”, all respiratory and skin allergies stem from the lungs and respiratory system. As “the nose is the outlet for the lungs”, nasal allergies are typical reactions of lung weakness (pulmonary asthenia).

The cause of lung weakness is cold intrusion. People nowadays love air conditioning and take cold drinks and food. These are the main sources of cold intrusion, which may result in allergy related health problems that are difficult to treat. Master Bai Yin says, “For children who have allergic rhinitis and skin allergies, besides practising Qigong, avoiding air-conditioning as well as cold drinks and food for the whole summer, will effectively counter their allergies. Similarly with adults.”

Expel dampness and prevent cold intrusion

Allergies reveal imbalances in our immune system. To counter-check allergies, Master Bai Yin suggests changing our lifestyles and doing the right exercises – work along both lines simultaneously. Many who practise Qigong discover that practising expels dampness and cold from their bodies. At the same time, when they avoid air-conditioning and cold food, they prevent cold from intruding again. Over time, their immune systems improve, they do not catch cold easily, and many allergic symptoms will disappear. The improvements will be obvious.

Qigong deep breathing technique to strengthen lung function

As air quality deteriorates and breaks the record, those who love outdoor sports should be careful! Long-term exposure to air filled with pollutants and allergens can easily cause respiratory illnesses and aggravate allergies. The number of people suffering from allergic rhinitis has increased tremendously in recent years.

Wellness expert Master Bai Yin says that practising Qigong can change the way we breathe, from short, shallow and rapid breathing, to gradually become deep, long and even breathing, so that lung function improves, lung Qi is sufficient, and allergy problems can be cured. The EnerQi “Da Yan” technique, in particular, is very effective to expel dampness. After a few months of practice, many students with lung problems have experienced good results – their bodies become warmer, they sweat easily and their breathing is smoother. Their old skin slowly drops off and replaced with new skin growth.

When there is serious air pollution, it is safer and healthier to practise deep breathing indoors. Practise indoors every day for 10 minutes. All family members can join in exercising together at home. When you stretch your whole body comfortably, you will feel more relax and happier, and you are cultivating your vitality every day, too. Try out to the simple technique demonstrated here to counter the allergy reactions that commonly appear during air pollution period!

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