Practise Qigong Daily to Nourish Qi

Sleeping disorder, constipation, lack of appetite, impatience and bad temper are indications of inflammation in the body.

Wellness expert Master Bai Yin analyses that chronic inflammation may cause imbalance of Qi and blood circulation in the body. If it is ignored over time, not only will health be affected, but quality of life and moods, as well. To overcome this, she suggests practising Qigong daily for 3 minutes to clear harmful fire elements from the body and strengthen righteous Qi to prevent chronic inflammation.

The average person is no stranger to inflammation. Redness and heat sores are symptoms of inflammation. Many suffer from inflammation, yet the effects of chronic inflammation are often ignored. Master Bai Yin explains that acute inflammation is the body’s reaction to sterilize, disinfect and repair the injured parts. Yet many inflammations in the body are not visible. When the immune system is not balanced, the ability to destroy the enemy is insufficient, resulting in Qi deficiency. This causes chronic inflammation to recur repeatedly. If the problem is not solved, it may easily develop into a major illness. Immediate action should be taken.

According to Master Bai Yin, when a person has chronic inflammation, he may suffer from loss of sleep, constipation, lack of appetite, anxiety and shortness of temper. These are caused by the imbalance of blood and Qi circulation in the body, resulting in the body being attacked by harmful fire elements, which it is not able to clear. Then, the body will experience continuous inflammation and anti-inflammation reactions.

Healthy people have sufficient immunity to fight and suppress inflammation, so that the body can return to a balanced state. However, for those whose Qi is imbalanced, their body need to be cleared of the garbage, whether at the joints, organs, eyes and nose, but they are unable to do so, due to lack of vitality. While waiting for a solution, the chronic inflammation may then cause allergic reactions or pains that are difficult to clear, which is really bothersome.

When harmful fire elements are present in the body, life is miserable

Terrorist attacks disrupt people's lives, and the people long for peace. The same applies to the human body. Acute inflammation may not only be terrible, but latent inflammatory factors may also cause soreness, ulceration, crusting, long sputum and even cell mutation, which are a major health crisis.

Master Bai Yin says that harmful fire elements in the body will cause swelling and pain. Joint pain, toothache, headache and gastric pain are all symptoms of Qi and blood imbalance. Being in low spirit and endocrine disorders will also spread harmful fire elements. Master Bai Yin gives an example – Some teenagers still have severe acne problems even after adolescence. This is due to internal qi deficiency, excessive “Heart fire” and insufficient “Kidney water”. If you want smooth, firm and clear skin, you can help your body to drain out mucus substance by practising Qigong.

Harmful fire elements hinder the body's natural cooling and heat regulating mechanism, and disrupt the kidney’s ability to balance fluids, heat and cold, causing difficulty to sweat or extreme heatiness in summer. Some even have to take ice or cold drinks to make themselves comfortable.

Dispel turbidity and nourish muscles and bones

How do we deal with harmful fire elements? Master Bai Yin believes that this can be countered by strengthening the peripheral blood circulation. After practising Qigong, many are no longer afraid of the cold in winter and high temperature in summer. In fact, some women experience significant improvement of not having cold hands and feet.

Master Bai Yin uses a simple method to teach how to balance Qi and blood circulation in the body. For instance, the first approach to practising Qigong is to vigourously dispel turbidity, by expelling all metabolic wastes from the body through perspiration, nose discharge, tears, yawns, sputum, etc

Master Bai Yin & Master Yin Quan

Secondly, Qigong nourishes the body. 80% of those who practise Qigong have better sleep quality. In addition, their bones and muscles become more flexible, which improves Qi and blood circulation. Many Qigong practitioners discover that Qigong is both simple and beneficial. Middle-aged people must choose the correct exercise to achieve good health. Practise the 3-minute health regime every day to reap the benefits.

[Testimony] Practise Qigong to replenish Qi and be younger – Yao Ruimin

When people reach middle-age, how can they remain youthful? Yao Ruimin, the boss of a steel trading company, had tried many methods. Finally, he discovered the most effective way, which is Qigong, the wisdom of the Chinese ancestors.

Yao Ruimin did not have any serious health issues, except for dental problems, which had plagued him for more than 10 years. He used to bleed when brushing his teeth. Although he sought medical treatment, the bleeding, inflammation and loosening teeth still continued. His dentist advised him not to over-stress himself, have a normal daily routine, and not to allow his immune system to decline. Otherwise, his dental problem would persist, despite undergoing medical treatment.

Chief Instructor Tiang Soon

Yao Ruimin appeared outwardly strong, but in actual fact, he wasn’t. After the age of 40, he began to have a hunched back. Whenever he saw his hunched posture in the mirror, he would remind himself to stand upright. He always felt tired. Despite being in his 40s, he was puzzled that he still had pimples and his back was covered with acne. He also had swelling in his legs for 6 years, due to sports injury.

A few years ago, he met Master Bai Yin, giving him the opportunity to enquire about Qigong. After practising Qigong for half a year, one day while brushing his teeth, he was surprised to notice that there was no bleeding from his teeth. He also did not feel any pain while eating, despite having two decayed teeth at that time. His dentist had earlier suggested to have them extracted, but since they were no longer inflammed, there was no need to do so.

Previously, due to his busy career, he used to rush and was impatient. There was a big difference after learning Qigong. He felt calm, was clear-headed and stress free. He became self-assured and confident. He is now always pleasant, has a smiling face, which makes him look more than 10 years younger. He is very happy to have the opportunity to learn Qigong, to replenish his internal Qi, and to clear his past Qi deficiency and various chronic inflammations. Now, he is healthier and happier all the time.

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