Extremely touching 😹

Message from Masters:

Extremely touching 😹

Every milestone of this historical accomplishment is achieved with countless Angel- Benefactors, who have accompanied Master, time and again, to forge every wonderful record.

Dear Students, what are you still waiting for?
“Priority-Go” live broadcast is the thing of the present, the best mode of learning for today. Do not delay any longer.
When the CoVid-19 pandemic outbreak is over, whoever has learnt 1st will have the opportunity to practise 1st, and will have the advantage of earlier accumulation the techniques and their effects.

I am extremely fortunate to have such an excellent and caring Team of Teaching Assistants & Volunteers, who are unafraid of difficulties, be it in classroom teaching or live on-line broadcast, who are willing and have full confidence in Master, to see to completion, through this tremendously tough and difficult challenge.

My thousands of “thank you's” to you! Words are not adequate to express myself!
Through tears, all the way up to completion, I am so touched 😹

These many excellent screen shots are not adequate to capture it all, what a shame!
So grateful for this Group, who yet with totally no technical expertise, is able to accomplish this assigned mission.
You are fortunate Students, who are able to attend these courses in advance, due to the help from this group of Friends.

‘Priority-Go' live broadcast

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