“Hui Chun Gong” (Rejuvenation Technique), the world’s foremost Qigong technique and its 4 extraordinary capabilities

Qigong is a unique treasure of the Chinese people. It has been handed down for thousands of years. Up til today, there are still millions of people around the world who practise qigong every day. Among the various Qigong techniques, “Hui Chun Gong” (Rejuvenation Technique) is acclaimed as "the world's most extraordinary Qigong technique". Well-known... Continue Reading →

💖LOVE❤, Brings Bai Yin QiGong to Malaysia

Where there are Chinese people, there is sure to be Qigong, and Malaysia is no exception. What is surprising, however, is that the Qigong technique that is popular in Malaysia actually originates from Taiwan. Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong celebrated its 10th anniversary in Malaysia in 2017. Over the period of 3,000 plus days, more than... Continue Reading →

Health and Luck are cultivated through practice

According to Feng Shui studies in relation to Humans, health and luck are cultivated through practice. So goes the popular Chinese fortune-telling tenet : "One - Fate, Two - Luck, Three - Feng Shui”.  Feng Shui is energy, and when energy is modulated, you can change your luck! In recent years, Feng Shui studies have... Continue Reading →

Practise Qigong Daily to Nourish Qi

Sleeping disorder, constipation, lack of appetite, impatience and bad temper are indications of inflammation in the body. Wellness expert Master Bai Yin analyses that chronic inflammation may cause imbalance of Qi and blood circulation in the body. If it is ignored over time, not only will health be affected, but quality of life and moods,... Continue Reading →

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