Do you have itchy skin and dry throat? Then, first attend to your Lungs

Do you have itchy skin and dry throat? Then, first attend to your Lungs.

Itchy Skin
Dry Throat☹






Master Bai Yin says that the Lungs have 6 dreads, but just 1 technique is all it takes to set aright the frail Lungs.


Master Bai Yin analyses that the autumn season upsets the Lungs. The following conditions will affect those with insufficient Lung Qi :

  • Dry eyes
  • Dry throat
  • Dry skin
  • Dry intestinal tracts

Practise techniques which enhance Lung Qi and generate more body fluids.

Master Bai Yin says the Lungs have 6 dreads :

  1. dryness
  2. cold
  3. heat
  4. stress
  5. dust
  6. constipation

If you face any of the above dreads in autumn, you will easily succumb to dryness of the body organs mentioned earlier.

Master Bai Yin says that practising the appropriate techniques will direct body fluids to the necessary parts of the body and nourish the internal organs.

Tiger’s Claws Technique-by Master Yin Quan

For HarmonyQi Students – practise more of Palm Trembling and Sea Swaying Techniques

For Essential Course Students – practise more of the Five Elements Tiger Technique, and at night, practise Advanced Longevity Turtle Technique and Sound Healing Therapy

Master Yin Quan- Tiger Posture of 5 Elements



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