What is this? Which is more powerful than Job’s Tears😮

Job's Tears (scientific name coix lacryma-jobi, also known as adlay millet)

Master Bai Yin advises to do the following to stimulate our Yang Qi to expel damp qi during the intermittent drizzle rain season  …

Master Bai Yin’s analysis of the climate changes:

During the rainy season, man who is afflicted with that qi becomes ill, food that is afflicted with that qi becomes mouldy.

Palm Trembling and the EnerQi series Techniques are effective to help Yang Qi to expel damp qi.

Master Bai Yin says –

According to people of olden days, water from drizzle rain is not suitable for making wine and vinegar, because this rain is the result of evaporation of the earth’s damp and hot qi.

Excessive dampness and turbidity burdens the digestive system, is easy to cause allergies, and makes the body feel heavy and lethargic. In order to get rid of this mouldy, damp, stagnated qi, we need to stimulate Yang (positive) Qi.

Combination of Bai Yin Qigong techniques for practice:

➡For HarmonyQi Students – emphasis on Palm Trembling Technique + soak your feet before going to bed

Palm Trembling

➡For Essential Course Students – emphasis on the EnerQi series Techniques + practise Big Scissor Kick exercise before going to bed

Master Bai Yin & Master Yin Quan leading students in EnerQi Practice

Falling ill is not the problem.

The problem is in not being able to find a good solution.

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