Best exercise for those over 35 – Qigong

If we want to be healthy, exercise is no doubt essential. What kind of exercise is suitable for people above the age of 35? Wellness expert Master Bai Yin believes that Qigong is very suitable for middle-aged people to maintain fitness. For those with declining physical conditions, and having a busy life style, with just 3 minutes of Qigong practice in the morning and evening, it can help to strengthen our cardiopulmonary function, and relax our mind.

QiGong for Life – The Powers of Self Healing

Master Bai Yin pointed out that at the age of 25 the growth and development of our body begin to slow down. After the age of 35, one usually starts to experience a decline in physical health. When you are young, you probably can endure one or two nights without sleep and will not have any problems. But now if you do not sleep well for a night, you will most likely feel unsettled the next day.  Vision, memory ability and fertility also start to decline. Early greying of hair, weight gain, wrinkles, presbyopia all start to occur for many.

Choice of Exercise for the Middle-age persons – 3 Should nots and 3 Shoulds

There are many type of sports that are beneficial, but if we choose the wrong type of, we may suffer in the beginning and may not be effective in the long run. The younger generation will usually emphasize on gravity training and strength challenge; endurance and vigorous  muscle exercises, but such exercises may not meet the health requirement of middle-aged people. Master Bai Yin says, sports for the middle-age should meet the “3 Should Nots & 3 Shoulds”:

  • Should not be time-consuming;
  • Should not be too much effort;
  • Should not be too intensive:
  • Should be fast;
  • Should be effective;
  • and Should be Simple.

Middle age is one of the most important stage in life, fulfilling responsibilities and obligations for families or for many, it is a crucial time for building one’s career, hence, one hardly finds enough time to exercise. Qi Gong is recommended as it offers many health benefits and at the same time relaxes our mind. Without straining our muscles, Qi Gong helps to improve blood circulation and expels impurities and dampness from our body.

Instant Relaxation

Master Bai Yin explained that Qigong has 4 main advantages:

1. It takes only 10 minutes a day to practice without leaving your home and can be practiced anywhere.  Not restricted to time, location or weather conditions, and need not  invest in expensive equipment.

2.  As the physical condition of the middle-age may decline, aggressive sports are not suitable. Therefore, Qi Gong practices such as Harmony Qi promoted by Qigong For Life, with gentle slow and easy movements are highly recommended.  It is relaxing, no meditation required, no over-stretching, and within short period of time one can immediately improve stamina, feel fresh and full of energy.

3. When one reaches middle age, minor health issues may start to arise, such as poor sleep quality, constipation, body becomes out-of-shape, high blood pressure, high cholesterol etc. Even though these may not be serious yet to require medication or treatment, it is enough to cause some worry. Therefore, Qi Gong is most effective as many people who practiced this method found that their sleep quality improved, more energized during day time, good stamina, less body stiffness, just within one or two weeks after practicing,

4. Practicing daily encourages perspiration hence an effective way to detox and improve our metabolism.  According to Master Bai Yin, “Our body needs to detox daily”.  The right choice of method is therefore very important to allow this process to happen and sustain good health.

Technology Advancement Results In Suboptimal Health?
Qi Gong is the key to Wellness

With rapid development of high-tech industries, many people in the science and technology sectors fall into the “subhealth” state, and gradually loses their health while striving in their career. Subhealth which represents the pre-disease condition is associated with high lifestyle risk.In the past few years, Qigong For Life Naturopathic Association has been promoting Harmony Qi to the science and technology industry. It is simple and easy to learn. It is not restricted by  time and location, fast and  effective and is loved by many in this sector.



Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)’s senior executive, Huang, is a person with sub-health condition – hyperglycemia; hyperlipidemia; hypertension. After practicing Harmony Qi for a period, the most obvious change was the disappearance of his big belly, the waist circumference measurement reduced from 94cm to 87cm. Colleagues noticed that he is looking fresher and younger, and now no longer worries about the fatty liver problems anymore. He is so satisfied with his health condition recently. 

Wang, is also a senior executive officer of TSMC. The family has high blood pressure. His long-term medication has caused his emotions to be imbalance. His family is always afraid of saying the wrong words which may anger him. After practicing Harmony Qigong, he was no longer physically weak. His body became better, his mood was calm, his resistance to stress became higher, and things that could not be tolerated before were now laughed at easily. Family and colleagues said that he smiled more and is always filled with happiness, joyful, healthy and energetic.

Another similar case of an executive in technology sector, Chen Yuling's personality is extremely nervous, having autonomic nervous disorders under long hours work pressure, sudden breathlessness and severe stomach pain. At less than 50 years old, she is having difficulties to wash her hair and use chopsticks due to shoulder and neck pain. This made her miserable. After practicing Harmony Qi, her number of physiotherapy treatments were reduced. The original shoulder and neck pain has recovered partially. Health screening index such as liver function test; cholesterol level and cortisol level are back to normal range after 3 months practice.

Lan Zilin, a former financial manager of an IT company, worked long hours and had stressful career. She could not relax nor sleep well at night. The next day, she would always be in a bad mood with sore body. In her early 30s, her memory power was declining and suffered from osteoporosis. After Qi Gong classes with Wellness Expert Master Bai Yin and constantly practicing, she is now able to sleep well, feel fresh and energetic always; body is more flexible compared to the past, no longer aches from the inside, and since then almost never catch a cold for 10 years.

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