I Found Purpose of Life Through Qigong

I Found Purpose of Life Through Qigong

When I first started learning Qigong from Master Bai Yin and Master Yin Quan in June 2010, it was just out of curiosity. Never cross my mind that this Qigong has so many benefits, so much wisdom that can actually transform a person physically and mentally.

Instructor Paul Yeow

With well-organized and skillful guidance from both Masters. In just 2 months’ time, my body started to change from heavy to light, from stiff to soft, from discomfort to healthy, from dull to bright. My heart began to soften and joyful. Unknowingly, the transformation of body and mind began to take place.

In October 2013, I was given opportunity by Masters to become an Instructor for Harmony Qigong Class. I was surprised and worried because public speaking is one of the most fearful things in my life. In one occasion, I was asked do a 3 minutes sharing in one of the Master’s class, my hands  trembled with cold sweat and my mind went blank in front of two hundred people. How could I be an Instructor who has to speak for 2 hours in a class? I was very reluctant and seriously thinking about giving up.

Being certified as Harmony Qi Instructor
Master Bai Yin & Instructor Paul Yeow

Fortunately, I have a group of Qigong kind and caring brothers and sisters who are more senior and experience in Qigong. They constantly give encouragement and support to me. With their kind sharing and full support from my family, my confidence grew tremendously.

In March 2014, I started my first Harmony Qigong class, I did struggle from time to time during the class but it was not as scary as I thought. Session after session, I kept on improving in my speech. By the time I finally completed a class, even though I managed to overcome the fear of public speaking but I was not too happy with my overall performance.

To my surprise, a student name Eugene approached me after the class and said I am his “God Send” or Gui Ren in Chinese. Eugene suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 10 years and his condition got worse to the extent that he need maximum dosage of medicine to give him some mobility. In my first session, Eugene has to struggle very hard for 15 minutes just to walk a short distance of 10 meters. He would stopped many times to rest during the class when his body became stiff.  Just 6 weeks of Harmony Qigong, Eugene experienced vast improvement in his daily mobility, he could walk at normal pace now and his wife said Eugene’s is not hot tempered like before. Eugene and wife saw hope in future, thus are very grateful to me and Masters for giving hope to their family.

I had a huge realization after my first class, the joy that arise in me was so overwhelming that every time I feel tired after teaching, I would tell myself it is worth doing it.  I made a vow that no matter how difficult or tired, I will continue on sharing this wonderful Qigong technique to more people.

Master Yin Quan & Instructor Paul Yeow

This led me to the answer I have been searching for: “What Is The Purpose of Life?” I  have been searching for the last 10 years and there was not real good answer until I became a Qigong Instructor.  I realized that real happiness is when you give happiness to others. By helping others, we release suffering from them hence happiness is possible and naturally joy and compassion arises in us.

By end on November 2014, I will be completing my 5th class of Harmony Qigong. A total of one hundred students attended and many have experienced obvious change in their body and mind. About 30 students continue on with Master’s class now. Eugene and wife have become regular guests in my class to share their experiences and give confidence to other students.

I like to take this opportunity to thank both Master Bai Yin and Master Yin Quan for their selfless teaching and guidance. To all Qigong brothers and sisters that constantly encourage and motivate me. To my lovely wife and family who supported me all the way. To all assistants who sacrificed their valuable time to help in all my classes. May all be well, peaceful and happy.

By: Paul Yeow

(Malaysia Harmony Qigong English Instructor)

Malaysia Bai Yin Qigong (English )Team.

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