Qigong- the Key to Transformation From Within

Name: Yvonne Yee

Years of practice: since May 2016

HarmonyQi Instructor: Instructor Raymond Chan

Yvonne Yee 2018

Before Learning Qigong:

As a teenager, I enjoyed doing many sports and outdoor activities. I was always under the impression that I was living the healthy life until life took a turn when I was rushed into the emergency ward one day and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I was prepped and went into surgery to remove the cyst. Upon recovery, one would think that it is gone and continues on with the activities I love most, sports and outdoor activities. 6 months after my first surgery, I felt an excruciating pain again and got myself admitted and was shocked to discover how the cyst has made its way back. Upon getting a 2nd opinion, I decided to go on hormone pills base on doctor’s recommendation so that the cyst does not grow. However, not listening to the doctor’s advice to stay off any vigorous activities, I went to play badminton which made the cyst ruptured and I had no choice but to go for another surgery to remove the cyst. This time around, doctor has advised to go on hormone therapy to make sure the cyst doesn’t come back. Being on hormone therapy for 6 months didn’t make any difference as the cyst came back again.

Life as I know it has seize to exist, I had to stay off sports and outdoor activities which I love doing, for the fear of having the cyst rupture again. I went on many types of hormone therapy, from pills to injections to inducing menopause and so forth, but nothing worked. The cyst remained like a permanent resident which not only made me physically frustrated but also mentally drained. I went through an emotional rollercoaster and started developing sinus infection so often that I was in and out of the hospitals and on medical leave almost every week. Soon I went for another surgery after suffering from sinus infection for a year, which I would say a temporary fix as the sinus infection still continue to haunt me months after my surgery. Not long after my 3rd surgery, I was again rushed into the emergency ward, as one of my arteries in my nose ruptured. This time around, it really dawn on me that I need to do something about my life, the whole experience where you are not in control of your life and doctors and nurses are doing their very best to make sure I don’t die from losing too much blood will forever leave a scar in my heart. After that, my life was so different, my whole perception about health changed and I started to put it my priority. I tried so many different things to get back the body that I once had 5 years ago, but nothing seemed to work.

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After Learning Qigong:

5 months after Qigong classes, the gynecologist told me I can finally stop the hormone therapy which I have been on for the past 5 years. Qigong not only has given me hope of the life I used to have, but it gave me this calling to further pursue the knowledge and techniques of BaiYin Qigong and to share my experience in order to help more people.

Everytime I join Master’s class and learnt a new technique, I would get a lot of blue black marks and rashes on my thighs and the side of my chest. Prior to joining YoungQi, I had to frequent the Chiropractor as my spine always gets out of alignment as I suffer from a birth defect where my last lumbar is fused to my sacrum, which causes lower back pain and also misalignment on the mid and upper spine. Upon completion of YoungQi, I not only don’t have to see the Chiropractor every week, my spine no longer goes out of alignment.

My body has started regulating itself. Constipation was no longer a problem, I started going to the toilet more often, and previously I would go twice in a week. These days I don’t have to worry when I have to go on a holiday, previously my bowels would go on a holiday as well. I started having a lot of aches at my old injury areas, which made me so uncomfortable to a point that I will just wake up and lay in bed, dreading the day, but I persevere and force myself to practice and find that I feel better after. My migraine doesn’t trigger as often anymore, previously I will get it very often because my muscles around my shoulder area were so tense but Qigong has made me more relaxed and I find myself more flexible. I’ve had better attendance at work these days and better relationship with my co-workers and students.

During every class, it really hit me when it was mentioned, who will suffer if I end up sick or in the hospital, and it was then that I remembered my family and my friends that were there for me. Over the years, I have been a changed person due to the medical condition that I suffered to a point where I was negative and falling sick a lot. Qigong has helped me with the physical aspect of my life and also emotionally. “功為本,德為先”, “Practice is Essential, Virtue is Priority”, it is not just the practice of Qigong that is essential, everything we do, from our thoughts, behaviour and actions has to be of moral excellence. It is through the teachings that I decided to start serving in HarmonyQi, LotusQi and Essential classes as through helping others, I will be able to help myself.

People I wish to express my heartfelt thanks to:

*Master Bai Yin and Master Yin Quan

Master Yin Quan & Me

*Instructor Raymond Chan for his continuous guidance and encouragement since day 1

Instructor Raymond, Teaching Assistant Christin & Me
Chief Instructor Tiang Soon & me

*Introducer: Kot Kim Kee

*Volunteers in Instructor Raymond’s class – Christin, Yuen Fu, Steven, Daphne, Kim and others for their continuous encouragement

*All other instructors and teaching assistants for their loving care and support

*Fellow brothers and sisters in the Bai Yin Qigong family

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By: Yvonne Yee
(Malaysia BaiYin Qigong Instructor)

Malaysia Bai Yin Qigong (English )Team.

☎  : +603-6211 6866
📧 : [email protected]

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  1. Congratulations, Yvonne on your road to a good and great health .We are very grateful to both Master Baiyin and Master Yan Kuan for sharing with us this great Baiyin Qikong so that everyone is able to enjoy the benefits derived from practising this Baiyin Qikong

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