Bai Yin Qigong-More than just a Qigong practise

Name: Wong Yoke Mei

Years of practice: since Dec 2012

HarmonyQi Instructor: Instructor Poh Hong

Before Learning Qigong:

My main issues were :-

(1) sore lower back with tightness

(2) indigestion & stomach bloatedness (a lot of gas)

(3) feel stressed mentally-always doing and assuming responsibilities more than I can take

After Learning Qigong

(1) complexion improved, to the extent many people commented my complexion has a glow with cheerfulness.

(2) muscles and body fat toned up giving an effect of more defined waistline even though no reduction in weight

(3) mentally and emotionally achieved a more balanced state (especially after learning Lotus Qigong)

(4) Increase awareness of the body – I used to numb myself to aches & discomfort not acknowledging that these pains are telling me to rest

(3) lower back issue – still recurring

(4) stomach bloatedness- still recurring

With my lower back issue and bloatedness still haunting me, I began to question, is this Bai Yin Qigong really meant for me? My family members also negatively commented that my health didn’t seem to improve. I started to lose faith and practice lesser and lesser. I even stopped practising for more than a year. Until 1 day, my Gui Ren (Paul) gently reminded “Why don’t I go for revision class”.

I did. And in one of the classes, I was so inspired by Master Yin Quan‘s words, where he said “I will teach this qigong to 1 million people on this earth. Even if I cannot do it in this lifetime, I will continue, in the next lifetime”. That brought so much tears to me and instantly my faith and confidence returned. If Master can make such a vow, he must have a strong faith that this qigong will benefit many more people. From that day onwards, I started to make to my personal commitment that I will practice daily. It has not been easy. There were days laziness strikes. But I manage to bounce back quickly and continue diligently again. My lower back issue still bothers me but I have learnt to befriend with it, when it is sore, I will practice and it feels good after every practice. All my past bad habits of not taking meals at regular times and bad sitting posture and tension while working, have accumulated to these discomfort in my body. I told myself, I have not been kind to my body for more than 50 years, how can I expect to heal instantly?

Yoke Mei with Master Yin Quan

Another factor that made me continue is that I noticed the unrelenting effort from Master Yin Quan, Master Bai Yin, Instructors, all Teaching Assistants & volunteers. They truly serve wholeheartedly in every Master's class, spread the knowledge of Bai Yin Qigong through Harmony/Lotus classes, organise activities and support  the weekly group practices, all done with full dedication. I began to trust that this Bai Yin Qigong is really something not to be taken lightly. It not only focus on health, but is building a community of harmony and compassion. This is why I took on the challenge of being a volunteer too!

With this support, I know Mr Lazy has no chance to stay long in my space. I am not perfect but I pledge to strive on with diligence. 一日练一日功. I trust one day I will be free from bodily discomfort.

My heartfelt gratitude goes to:

*Master Bai Yin and Master Yin Quan

*Introducer: Paul Yeow for being my “Gui Ren”

*Instructor : Instructor Bao Fong

*All other instructors and teaching assistants for their loving care and support

*Bukit Desa mini group practice– we support each other with daily Qigong practice

*Fellow brothers and sisters in the Bai Yin Qigong family

by: Wong Yoke Mei
(Malaysia BaiYin Qigong Instructor)

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