What should we do to get rid of our lower back pain?

Wellness expert Master Bai Yin said,

Good blood circulation will definitely reduce lower back pain.“

Many people are suffering from lower back pain nowadays. Master Bai Yin said that if our muscles are often tight, stiff or sore, lower back pain may occur easily . The best way to overcome these problems is to improve blood circulation in the body.

Master Bai Yin
Master Bai Yin & Students – Qi Gong Exercise

Mr. Wang Rihong, a software engineer is a victim of lower back pain. Sedentary habit and long working hours caused his weight to increase abruptly. Then, he started to have lower back pain and scoliosis problem. He used to go for physiotherapy and take painkillers to release the pain but it did not help much.

Wellness expert Master Bai Yin said many people nowadays are prone to muscle tightness due to work stress. When the human body is extremely tired, the body metabolism and blood circulation deteriorate. The toxins in the body could not be cleared in timely manner and start to accumulate in the body.  Although there are many reasons for lower back pain, from the perspective of qi and blood circulation, it is generally divided into four types: injury, coldness, kidney qi deficiency and improper posture.

Lower Back Pain

Poor blood circulation is a cause for lower back pain.

Chen Zhaoyou, the deputy general manager of a bicycle spare parts manufacturer, was injured when he was young. Since then, he suffered from lower back pain for 30 years and sought for medical treatment everywhere.

Dr Chen Huizhen, a doctor of preventive medicine at the National Institutes of Health, endured long and stressful working hours. Her 20 years of stiffness and pain on her shoulders and waist triggered more pain to her back, lower back, knees, legs and also led to sleeping disorder.

Master Bai Yin said when people had a fall during young age, they thought they have recovered.  However, they begin to experience severe back pain at middle age. This is because when they are young , they are strong and able to  endure the pain. But as they grow older, their muscle strength decreases, their blood circulation weakens and old injuries will return to haunt them, especially backache and lower back pain.

Modern people with sedentary lifestyle often experiences body stiffness and sore muscles. The condition is made worse with the use of air conditioning and taking cold-icy drinks thus affecting blood circulation.

Master Bai Yin explained tensed muscles will cause poor blood flow, subsequently waist/lumbar region will be lack of oxygen (hypoxia) and may followed by inflammation of some muscle groups (myositis) and reduced muscle strength, or even lead to mal-aligned vertebrae including spondylolisthesis, kyophosis, and whenever nerves are compressed, back pain will occur. Spurs (Osteophytes) are the result of poor blood flow, commonly seen in classical/ typical cases of weak kidney Qi with back pain.

Relaxation and Deep breathing help muscle to stay firm and elastic.

When people reach the middle age between 35 to 45, where health is no longer at its optimum, aging may occur earlier. If their lower back pain has already existed, it becomes even more worrying when they reach old age as they would have to struggle and cope with the pain.  Master Bai Yin emphasized that to avoid backaches, it is best we take action to nurture our health at an early stage.

Practicing qigong emphasizes the co-ordination and movement of body posture, deep breathing for and relaxation of mind and body. This combination helps the muscles to achieve deep relaxation. Repeating the Qigong exercise on a daily basis will maintain muscle elasticity and firmness. Kidney Qi deficiency can also be improved by strengthening the Qi circulation in the body. Ultimately, soreness and pain at the lower back will be reduced.

Wang Ri Hong who has practised Qigong for half a year felt his muscles at the waist have strengthened. The pain in his lower back has reduced when he climbed up and down the stairs. He is free from aching joints at the knees and his feet have become swift and strong. He feels energetic and lively now.

Another example , Chen Zhaoyou has been practising Qigong daily for a year. His back injury has gradually recovered. In order to wake up early for qigong practice, he sleeps early every day. Many people said that he has become younger and energetic.


Dr Chen Huiqi, a doctor of Preventive Medicine said, “Practising Qigong daily for half a year has eliminated the lower back pain”

Long working hours and stressful work load are taking a toll on Dr. Chen Huiqi. She is kept busy writing thesis, giving speeches and taking care of her family at the same time. Disregarding the burden, her health started to give red alert, signalling for help as her lower back pain began to disturb her for years.

Being in the medical profession, healthcare is crucial, hence she started to look for exercises to improve her health. She knew due to her spine condition, exercises such as weight lifting and treadmill will not be suitable. Luckily, she found Qigong which eventually got rid of her lower back pain.

Dr Chen Huiqi recalled when she first learned ‘Detoxification Technique’, her sweat was stinky, sticky and unpleasantly thick. She experienced unbearable pain at lower back but she persisted. She endured the pain and her determination and diligence in practising Qigong finally pays off. Her body became more flexible, free from stiffness and most importantly, her lower back pain is gone.

Dr Chen Huiqi said she still remembers the bitterness on her lower back pain before learning Qigong. Now, her waist is strong, and the pain is no longer an obstacle. Qigong has brought her a new lease of life. She understands and finds practising Qigong is a soft and relaxing method of exercising.

After practicing Qigong for half a year, she lost 10 kg of body weight. Her size of clothes has also changed from XXXL to M. She feels good like a reborn.  She said, “It is such a pleasant feeling to get rid of my lower back pain. It’s so wonderful.”

XXXL to M !


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