Qi Deficiency Cause Fat build-up. Restore Qi to Regain Lightness

As a secondary school teacher, Madam Tang Rumei described herself as ambitious and enthusiastic when she started teaching. She was energetic and has no problem spending the whole day with her students. But after a few years, she finds waking up in the morning feeling listless and quiet. Even the students noticed her low spirit and that she hardly smile.

Tiredness Due to Leakage of Qi

Many students do not notice that their teachers are facing health issues. Even the teachers are not aware of their own health status, as what appears to be small problems gradually accumulate with long-term work habits.

Leakage of Qi

After a whole day of class, their throats may become red and swollen;  pain in the shoulders, upper arms and wrists due to continuous writing on the blackboard. Potential excessive inhalation of chalk powder weakens bronchial and lung function.  Other problems such as standing for long hours may cause varicose veins and plantar fasciitis (heels pain). Rushing through meals is a habit prone to stomach ulcers; Constantly grasping for time to prepare lessons and notes with the computer causes excessive use of the eyes. All the above problems eventually worsen their health condition.

These long-term stress and fatigue are not only found amongst teachers, but also happening to people who have sedentary lifestyle, habits of standing for long hours, bad posture and those who have problems like shoulder and neck pain, indigestion and weak respiratory system.

Deficiency of Qi Causes Tiredness and Overweight

Many people get themselves overworked until they are exhausted and this leads to Qi deficiency.

Wellness expert, Master Bai Yin mentioned that deficiency of Qi would weaken blood circulation resulting in tiredness. Madam Tang said she would get tired easily and her appetite declined. She also had poor physical strength and often fall sick easily.

Master Bai Yin explained that people with Qi deficiency have poor ability to digest, absorb and transform food. Thus, excess calories are accumulated and  become fat in the body. These people with insufficient Qi tend to gain weight easily. A mathematics teacher, Madam Li  Shu Fen from a teachers' training university said she was always lazy to move around until her weight rapidly increased . It was only then she realized she had to pay more serious attention to her health.

Restore  Vitality (Yuan  Qi) for Normal Body Weight

Qi Deficiency is similar to the sub-health status in modern medical science. It is a situation where Qi and blood circulation decline, thus weakening the functions of the five major organs eventually causing various discomforts to the whole body. This is becoming a major issue as the “sub-health” population increase.

Master Bai Yin advised that if you want to maintain an optimum body weight and prevent Qi deficiency,  you must make effort to regulate your Qi. It is recommended to practise 10 minutes of Qigong daily to keep your body relaxed and restore energy. Slowly, your body will become healthy and weight is normalised.

Lose Weight!!!

A teacher from the teachers' training university, Wang XiuMei, mentioned that she likes sports but does not have the determination to continue as it is easy to find excuses to give up.  On the other hand, Qigong is unique as it does not need a big field or a partner to practice. Furthermore, when regularly practised, it forms a positive habit.

Mr and Mrs Lim were overweight for many years. After learning Qigong for three years, the couple lost a total of 31 kg altogether. Their knees pain, backache, hypertension and liver disorder showed signs of improvement too.


Madam Li Shufen shared her experience of losing 20 kg – the secret of learning Qigong

A teacher, Madam Li Shufen, is passionate in her teaching career. Even when she does not feel well, she would persist and continue to teach. However, after class dismissed, she will be extremely exhausted.

Mdm Li has a family history of heart disease. When she was pregnant, her blood pressure went up. Her systolic and diastolic blood pressure readings usually exceeded 150/100 mm Hg. She was under medication for hypertension at the age of 39. The long-term intake of medication caused mood swings and she tends to get angry easily.

She recalled when she attended her first Qigong class, the moment she raised her hands, she immediately fainted. Surprised by her body’s poor condition, she began to worry about her children and her future. She made a commitment to practise qigong regularly, controlled her diet and rescheduled her daily routine.

After 3 years of practice, her blood pressure is now back to normal. Her doctor had stopped her medication. Whenever she is tired or stressed, she will  immediately practise qigong to relax herself. Her weight reduced by a total of 20 kg from 74 kg to 54 kg. Looking slim and healthy she is now a happier person filled with confidence.

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