My QiGong for Life Journey – AKASH GHOSH

Years of practice : 2 (since 2016)
HarmonyQi Instructor : Instructor Raymond

Before Qigong :
I am generally healthy with no major health complaints. I did not exercise much, was quite unfit and lack energy. My body usually felt cold, probably due to bad blood circulation.

I was in university when I started qigong, then went into internship and am now working for the same company, in computer programming. I had bad sleeping habits during my uni days, I tended to over-exert myself, staying up until 3 or 4 a.m. to study. As such, my body was lethargic, difficult to get myself started to do anything.

I would feel very flat out tired after work, totally drained of energy, and had to nap for 30 minutes immediately when I reached home.

I had back-ache and stiff shoulders because of bad sitting posture, always slouching and hunched before the computer for long hours.

Immediately after Instructor Raymond’s 1st class, my palms became a healthy red, and my body felt a good warmth, like qi circulating. However, I found it difficult to balance work with qigong practice, hence my practice at the beginning was not consistent during the first few months.

I attended Master’s YoungQi class immediately soon after. I was struggling during Master’s class. My body was not flexible, I had difficulty co-ordinating my movements, and my whole body ached terribly after class. It felt like my body’s internal age was 50+ years. I also did not practise qigong regularly then.

After Qigong :
I learnt EnerQi Beginner in 2017, and began to practise more consistently, 3 to 5 days a week.
I noticed that I was more energetic, my stamina improved. I have gained more muscle, my body is more toned, and I am satisfied with my metabolic rate.

After I learnt YoungQi Intermediate, I learnt how to listen to my body and could sense when my body is unwell. I know how not to over-exert my body, how not to burn myself out.
I find that I have better posture, can sit and stand upright a lot easier without slouching.

After Master’s Advance classes, I have better control over my emotions. I used to have strong emotions like anger and hatred, but I have changed to be more understanding and forgiving. I have a more positive outlook, and am not as easily affected by negative emotions around me. I am more emotionally and mentally stable. I worry less and my constant inner self-questioning has reduced significantly. My relationships with my family members improved. I am now a better communicator, even a peace-maker, instead of being immersed in the emotional turmoil.

Previously, I could not digest seafood, oily food, spicy food. I have spleen problems, causing acid reflux and gaseous burping, but now I can eat normally, but I choose not to over-indulge.

Before qigong, I normally woke up from sleep with blocked nose and stuffy head which bothered me throughout the day, but these have cleared. I expel phlegm 1st thing in the morning, and regularly during the day, and especially during my qigong practice.

I enjoy better quality of life. I am better disciplined with my time, have time to practise qigong regularly and going to sleep by 11 pm. My sleep quality has improved.

I have faith that I will get better as I continue with my qigong practice.

People I wish to thank :

  • My Father and Introducer, Sujit
  • Instructor Raymond – for his kindness and for pushing me in the right direction with my Qigong practice
  • Volunteers in Instructor Raymond’s class – Christin, Kim, Steven, Yvonne, and others who encouraged and inspired me
  • Instructor Hoon, who saw me and my family’s struggle with the language problem, and took the initiative to invite us to join his revision classes

Malaysia Bai Yin Qigong (English )Team.

☎  : +603-6211 6866
📧 : [email protected]

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