Nocturia is a sign of aging.

Refine “Dai Mai” (waist meridian), legs work out, rediscover the healthy “Qi”

Ever experience nocturia, or frequent urination at night? Beware of premature aging. Health expert Bai Yin pointed out that youth has the advantages of skin firmness, intact functions of internal organs and good blood flow. When frequency of urination is uncontrollable, it is an alarm of degenerating bodily functions. Those at middle age may have issues of “leaking body” (frequency or frequent voiding, nocturia, urinary incontinence) or “leaking mind” (sleeping disorders, dementia) due to incapability of storing “Yang Qi”, insidious loss of nutrients and reduction of physiological functions.

Frequent urination is attributable to aging.

Bai Yin emphasised that “Yang Qi” enhances body tissue firmness and cohesion. Youngsters with sufficient “Yang Qi” have firm skin and abdomen, in contrast to middle age persons who tend to be fatter with loose abdominal tissues or pot belly. Insufficient “Yang Qi” can lead to decreased skin firmness and loosening of supporting structure of internal organs, causing the compressed urinary bladder to be sensitive, with voiding sensation under small stimulus, even with frequent urination during daytime.

Bai Yin shared her views from the aspects of “Qi” In contrast to individual with urinary bladder issues, those with cardiac degeneration tend to have frequent but small volume of urination during day time, but when it comes to night time, they tend to have frequent but larger volume of urination. These signs are caused by impaired cardiac functions which are incapable of circulating the blood to kidneys, leading to oedema at lower half of body. On the other hand, when these individual lie down at night, blood circulation improves, renal filtration increases causing nocturia. Hence, individuals with degenerated cardiac functions may not have obvious frequent micturition but pedal oedema during day time, but instead frequent micturitionbecomes apparent during night time.

Frequent micturition could be seen among post-menopausal ladies or ladies with hormonal imbalance. Confinement without proper care, or lack of sports, are some of the causes of “sagging” of uterus compressing urinary bladder leading to urinary incontinence even with small stimulus such as coughing, which explained why some middle age ladies prefer to stay at home to avoid such embarrassment in public.

Two movements to strengthen the “Yang Qi”, refining “Dai Mai” and enhance cardiovascular system.

After 4 decades of life, production of “Yang Qi” decreases as time goes by, and aging progresses as Yang Qi decreases. Hence, Bai Yin suggests techniques to strengthen “Dai Mai” and cardiac functions in order to consolidate “Yang Qi”.

“Dai Mai” — the only meridian that runs horizontally resembling a belt, is in charge of all the horizontal Qi flow. When the “belt” is tight , the internal organs within will be secured in place and able to work properly; when the “belt” is loose, the internal organs will sag downwards, compressing organs underneath such as urinary bladder.

Bai Yin has been promoting Harmony Qi for years, in which one of the movements is “Earth Technique”, targeting the enhancement of “Dai Mai”. Many students have experienced positive results including reduction of abdominal fat and waist circumference, even the disappearance of pot belly.

Lower limbs – the “second heart”, whose strength correlates with cardiovascular function and pedal oedema. Most of the techniques taught by Bai Yin focus on lower limbs training — one leg bends and one straighten, with body weight on one leg while the other leg relaxes. Daily 10-minute of Qi-gong practice will help the constriction and relaxation of  “Dai Mai”, strengthen legs, consolidate “Yang Qi”, improves blood circulation. Regardless of the age of practitioners, they will feel energetic.

Testimonial : What a comfortable good night sleep. A Major General and a member of general public shared their rediscovery of health through Qi-gong.

When Major General Zeng Ji Wei was at the peak of his career, his health deteriorated the most. Chronic stressful and hectic work caused him to pay the price of sleep disorders (with only 13% of deep sleep) and autonomic dysfunction. His worst scenario includes history of acute onset hemiplegia, seizure, facial paralysis with foaming at the mouth, everyone thought he had a stroke. Eventually he had chosen early retirement to recuperate.

After Zeng Ji Wei retired, his weight increased abruptly by 10 kilograms to 97 kilograms. His blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose level remained high despite sports practice and medication. After learning Qigong promoted by health expert Bai Yin, stress and shoulder pain improved tremendously within just a month.

His persistency in Qi-gong practice for the next 18 months brought him more positive changes, such as improved sleep quality, reduction of body weight by 13 kg, and the normalisation of his blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol level. As an ex-military personnel with discipline, daily Qi-gong practice is his most important daily routine. Looking back, he became a pensioner earlier due to health issue, but he regained his health through Qi-gong, getting rid of medication, and he is now a happy gentleman who smiles a lot and living a new life.

Another similar case, Chen Si Jing has also rediscovered health via Qigong. As a market research supervisor, she had a busy and tiring working life. She is a Hepatitis B carrier for more than 30 years. She often suffers from shoulder stiffness, backache and headache. After entering middle age, she suffered from nocturia, forced to get up 5 or 6 times a night. Long-term sleep deprivation, hypertension, dyslipidemia, deranged liver function test, fatty liver, precancerous Pap smear findings, are some of the warning signs she had encountered, causing her to take the necessary actions to salvage her health.  Chen Si Jing practises Bai Yin’s Qi-gong daily and diligently. She finds that the she sweats more with 10-minute Qigong practice compared to fast walking in the park for 8 minutes, and the sweat was stinky and sticky. Gradually, urinary frequency during the night had decreased, and finally she could sleep soundly till dawn. Qigong practice every morning helps her to sweat, to train the musculoskeletal system. She becomes more energetic, immune system gets better, and after a year of practice, all the health indices are back to normal. After 3 years, the fatty liver has almost resolved, and the Pap smear was normal and she is very happy about it. Qigong practice keeps her in good mood, her face glows, and everyone says that she looks young and beautiful. Indeed, she has restored her health, and confidence.

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