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Health expert Master Bai Yin has been teaching Qigong for many years. Master Bai Yin has observed that ladies who practice Qigong on a regular daily basis look younger, healthier and stronger bodies compared to their peers.

For ladies, wishing to become beautiful has been ingrained in their nature since long before until today. The proof lies in the thriving sales figure for beauty and cosmetic products all around the world. South Korea has ventured into creating artificial beauty. However, ancient Chinese health experts focused on inner beauty. Master Bai Yin believes that human’s internal beauty consists of three conditions: the function of the viscera should be activated, the circulation of blood should be smooth, and the body should be flexible

Modern day working ladies struggle balancing work life and family needs. After a hard day of work, there’s housekeepingback home that needs to be taken care of. There isn’t any time or energy for exercises which is essential for a healthy body. Asians are generally not good at sports and some do not like sports. Master Bai Yin introduced a short 3-minute Qigong routine about 10 years ago. It has gained popularity and traction. No matter how busy your daily routines could be, anyone can squeeze 3 minutes of their day to practise Qigong.

Qigong practice maintains 4 physical functions

Men exercise regularly to gain strong muscles. On the other hand, women exercise to keep their body in shape, refine their skin complexion as well as eliminate gynaecological problems.

Master Bai Yin suggested we can use the following 4 ways to improve our health through Qigong.

1. Strengthen the blood circulation at lower abdomen

According to Master Bai Yin, Qigong specifically targets movement around the waist and abdomen. Movement around this region is special, as it can stimulate the girdle vessel. This will result in increased blood circulation and regulated body temperature for the lower abdomen.

2. Improved oxygenation levels

Master Bai Yin stresses that by practising abdominal breathing, we can improve the oxygen levels in our bodies. Deep abdominal breathing can help to improve the body intake of oxygen content. This leads to higher rate of metabolism. With a higher rate of metabolism, the body’s natural detoxication ability is enhanced. Through the body’s natural detoxification, body waste is discharged and skin complexion is refined gradually.

3. Strengthen the legs

Master Bai Yin states legs are the second heart for a humanbeing. Blood must circulate from the body all the way down to the feet. Hence in Qigong, there are strong emphasis on the lower parts of our body. Various Qigong movements are specifically selected to strengthen the leg strength by bending one leg while exerting body weight on another straight leg. This is to promote venous return, which can effectively improve the blood circulation. This is very effective for women who stand stationary too long, sit down on a chair for too long and even for those with insufficient exercise.

4. Sleeping well to improve our health

Studies have shown that women (compared to men) are likely affected by insomnia. Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or to stay asleep, which ultimately leads to poor sleep quality. Insomnia can be caused by many reasons; overthinking, work stress and anxiety. Master Bai Yin encourages us to practice a specific set of Qigong exercises before sleep. These exercises help to calm down a busy mind. This in turn, allows the body to easily fall into a deep quality sleep. Qigong isn’t just about gentle movements that promote flexibility, it also cultivates a calm and patient mind by regulating our breathing.

Learn Qigong for fitness, better Qi and blood circulation

How do working ladies balance their work and health? A Yahoo e-commerce department employee, Miss Lin Yu Qin had tried artificial insemination for a few times. This resulted in her having a poor immune system, lack of physical strength, easily tired and fatigued, cold hands and feet, severemenstrual amenorrhea and other health issues. After some time, she had to rely on traditional Chinese medicine to maintain her regular menstruation cycle.

Once Lin got her first glimpse of Bai Yin Qigong, she regained a significant amount of physical strength. Moreover, her sleep quality greatly improved. With regular daily Qigong practice, her menstruation cycle became normal without relying on special medicine. Lin feels that her body has returned to the state of a young healthy lady. As Lin continuedher Qigong practice daily, soon her body edema disappeared. Friend and colleagues complimented her that she looks fit, healthy and pretty. The positive comments gave Lin further faith and confidence with her Qigong practice.

Another story comes from a secondary school teacher, Madam Tang Ru Mei. Tang has always felt her hands and feet to be cold since she was young. Her body suffers from long-term physical exhaustion, the mind suffers from stress and to top it off, she is unable to get a night’s rest due to severe insomnia. To get a night’s rest, she relied on taking sleeping pills to induce sleep. Consuming sleeping pills was not without risk, as Tang then suffered with gynaecological problems. During her early 20s, she had undergone surgery for her uterus fibroids. At the age of 32, she was told that her ovary had a watery cyst. Tang felt as if a bolt of thunder hit her.

Things began to change after she started learning and practicing Qigong. She recalled, “On my first day of learning Qigong, upon lying down on my bed I was in immediately fast asleep. It felt like an amazing miracle occurred!” After two years of diligent Qigong practice, Madam Tang noticed her iced palms have turned into iron hot palms. Her cold limbs finally are now completely cured as she regained her health. Her body condition is steadily improving and returning to normal. During a recent medical check-up, her doctor was surprised to that her tumour just vanished. Today, she feels like a healthy young lady and is very grateful to discover Qigong, which was the correct method to regain her health.

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