The harmful effects of sedentary lifestyle may shorten your life.

Do you belong to the sedentary group? Sitting for long hours may lead to cancer. Health expert, Master Bai Yin advocates that for every hour of sitting, we should stand up for 3 minutes to allow better blood circulation, so as to reduce the risk of cancer that may result from sedentary motion.

Office workers would sit in the office for long hours. When they get home, they would sit again to watch TV online. In a week, they would have sat for more than 40 hours, which is harmful to health and increases the risk of cancer. When the human body is in a sitting position, it burns about 1 calorie per minute.  By sitting 40 hours a week, the body maintains a very low metabolic rate and thus become a hotbed for cancer cells to mutate. Studies have shown that sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of colorectal cancer, lung cancer and endometrial cancer. Even for people who exercise, the risk of getting cancer due to sedentary lifestyle is as high as that of people who do not exercise.

Stagnation of Qi is the reason for office workers to fall sick.

“Lying down too long harms our Qi, sitting too long harms our flesh”. The harmful effects in sedentary lifestyle is caused by modern living where people sit still for long hours in the same posture. Poor blood circulation weakens the muscle and make it stiff. Lack of activity affects the bones and joints and will cause the body to hunch. Eventually, lower limbs will weaken and other early signs of aging will appear. Once the blood circulation gets worse, blood stasis, various incurable diseases, chronic diseases and even tumours may attack the body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes in the proverb “running water does not get stinky, moving hinges do not get stuck”.  The human body, be it internally or externally, as long as the circulation is good, there will be no problem of decay or hyperplasia; if the joints are lubricated, there will be no problem of muscle adhesion or degradation. Sedentary lifestyle directly leads to poor blood circulation and poor metabolism. Just like in the state of stagnant water, it is easy to agglutinate bacteria and also promote the chance of cytopathic damage.

Sit -1 Hour Move- 3 Minutes,  is better than excessive weekend exercise.

Master Bai Yin mentioned that many people never like to exercise before they learn Qigong. They think that exercise is too time-consuming and too labour-intensive; there are many who compensate it psychologically by doing more exercise during weekends. In spite of the benefits, it might cause sports injuries and sometimes trigger cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Master Bai Yin has come out with a 3-minute Qigong method for those who are lazy to exercise. She advocated that for each hour of sitting we should get up and exercise for 3 minutes. It is definitely safer and more effective than weekend sports. For example, Palm-Trembling or sitting on a chair and rotating the shoulders backwards are methods that would help to improve blood circulation.

After learning Qigong, many students have found the exercise to be simple. It takes only 3 minutes every day to be able to move all the muscles and bones for the whole body. It is not tiring, yet effective. It is certainly a good way for office workers to maintain their health and rid off the sedentary crisis.

The Qigong Technique- It works as long as one practices.

Gao Yixuan was one who never exercised. She always has cold hands and feet. After her delivery, her backache causes discomfort to the whole body. By practicing one hour of Qigong, her waist has become more flexible and no longer feels sore, the hands and feet are warm, and her complexion has improved. She revealed that the practice helps her body to detoxify. In the past, she loved taking cold drinks. She also took medication to treat her thyroid hyperthyroidism. While practicing, she could actually smell the body discharging the smell of drinks and western medicine she used to take earlier, which convinced her more that the practice helps her become healthier each day.

Computer engineers are examples of sedentary people. They generally have problems such as difficulty to sweat, stiff neck and shoulders, sleep disorders, overweight, poor liver function and many of them are of young age. Wang Xulun, who works in the high-tech industry, is on long-term medication to control his high blood pressure. He wishes to exercise but physically he  is not strong enough to do so. After one year of Qigong practice, physical examination showed that his blood pressure has stabilised. He is now slimmer by 2 inches and his fatty liver has also disappeared.

Similarly, for Huang Baizheng, who is also in high-tech profession, his long term sedentary lifestyle has led to body weakness, knee degeneration, headache, insomnia, stiff neck and stiff shoulders. Physical examination revealed he has moderate fatty liver. After practicing Bai Yin Qigong, all symptoms have improved. It has also help to eliminate the excessive fat around his waist and the visceral fat in the liver.

The Qigong practice, for example, with just three minutes a day of doing Palm-Trembling would help the body to relax, perspire and detox. Once the turbidity in the body is discharged, circulation and metabolism will improve, giving back the body its good health.

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