Believing in Your Own Self-Healing Power💪 – by Master Bai Yin

Many people have asked Master, why is it that when the same Qigong technique is practised, the results are different, ie some people achieve amazing results, others show a little progress, and yet others seem to have stood still in time with no progress. You may also ask – aside from not performing the movements correctly, not easy to feel relaxed, often too lazy and not practising at all, what are the other key reasons? There is one very obvious reason, that is, those who practise Qigong with good results choose to believe, but those who do not see results are doubtful and hesitant. Often, they back down and withdraw half way due to their various reactions during the Qigong healing crisis period and experience reactions which are contradictory. There is a daily struggle in their minds, their hearts are conflicted.

Yes, even if you continue to practise, you will still have contradictions. So, shall I practise everyday? Should I practise when I am tired, or busy? Our body’s reactions during the Qigong healing crisis period may raise many doubts

Doubts ????

– we wonder if old illnesses are recurring; whether the conditions have worsened; worry that the more we practise, the worse we will become. The feeling that my body has no reaction at all also causes confusion; as do thoughts of how others have positive results, yet I do not have any reactions; or how some students show obvious improvements, yet they consider the results are not quick enough; or thoughts of why is it that my gastric problem is healed, yet my gynecological condition has not improved. Or, do I stop practising when my illness is healed? In fact, students who have these thoughts have not understood the Qigong principles that Master explains in class. What does Qigong depend on to regulate your body? It relies on the self-healing ability of your body. If you do not trust it, nor allow it time to have the free rein to develop; but instead try to use your own experience or intelligence to direct it; you will cause the body’s self-healing ability which you have stimulated to be out of sync again.

Your body has been imbalance for a long time. Under the conditioning of Master’s techniques, it can slowly recover. It’s like a patient who has been bed-riddden for many years. Although his body slowly recovers, to the point that he can finally get out of bed and walk, his legs will be weak, he will stagger and stumble at the beginning, because he has been bedridden for too long. At this time, he will need someone at his side to support him, and allow himself time to adapt slowly. The body’s amazing self-healing ability has its own set of recuperative procedures. It will seek out the optimum short-cut. Even though you may think that your liver is seriously damaged, yet your body will first treat your spleen and stomach, because only the body knows best the sequence and steps necessary to treat itself. So, what then should you do? Do your part and be a good partner to support your body to rise again, don't force it to take a big step forward immediately, but accompany it patiently, to progress at its own pace. It is alright if your legs feel weak along the way, or if you fall. It is normal if you feel lacking in energy. Your body will slowly regain its equilibrium, and find its healthy pulsating energy again.

Master Bai Yin & Master Yin Quan in Group Practice

Practitioners of Qigong must cultivate their moral characters as well as their minds, their patience and confidence. These are slowly cultivated through your own powers of perception. Neither Master nor doctors can heal your illnesses. If only you let go of yourself and your preconceived views, through diligent practice and even practising like a “simpleton”, in the long run, when you have set your sights further, you will discover that when your heart is restful, and your Qi is abundant, you will be cured of your illnesses.

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