Are your detoxification channels clear and unobstructed?

It is a popular practice to eat health products to detoxify. However, we often overlook our own body’s in-built ability to detoxify. Have you put in place any proper detox methods for your body?

There are countless detox health products

Detox! Detox!

currently in the market, including products that can be taken as food or drink supplements; to be applied or worn; for promoting lymphatic functions, etc.. For a start, these types of detox methods are difficult to use; often painful; a challenge to use on a long term basis, or are expensive. In truth, the human body undergoes metabolic changes every day and produces toxins daily. On top of that, there are concerns

Food Safety

over food safety. The toxins consumed would have already caused a lot of harm to the body, before any of the above detox methods could be effective. Once toxins enter into the blood stream and internal organs, detox products that are used infrequently will be too slow-acting to be of use in a critical situation.

There are actually five main detoxification channels in the human body. As long as they are put to proper use, detoxification should take place daily and effortlessly. There is no worry about consuming toxins if the body’s detox channels are maintained well and unobstructed. Even when toxins are consumed, there is nothing to fear as the unobstructed detox channels will not allow them to settle in the body. Once consumed, the toxins will be expelled within the same day

The five major detox organs in the body are: intestines, lungs, skin, liver and kidneys.

The reactions to the body's detox functions are: bowel movements, perspiration, phlegm, passing out gas (including hiccups, burping and flatulence). It also includes discharge of emotions – getting rid of anger and negative qi.

Next, let us spend some time to understand the body’s constant and unceasing cleansing work.

1st Channel – Intestinal (Colon) Detox

When we practise Qigong every day, one of the key results is that our body’s overall detox system is activated. Once the system is started up, internal self-detox becomes natural the first thing in the morning. The hours between 5 – 7 a.m. (“MaoShi”) are when the Colon Meridian (Large Intestine Meridian) opens. If you can pass bowel movement smoothly, it is the first sign of your body’s ability to detox.

Organ Meridian Clock

From the TCM perspective, the “MaoShi” period is when “the gate to heaven” (“tianmen”) opens, when “yang” Qi rises. This is the best time to practise Qigong (EnerQi series) outdoors where there is sunshine. By doing so, you will able to achieve twice the results with just half the effort. This is better than any other form of exercise to improve your health, because the opening of “TianMen” also corresponds with the opening of the Lung Meridian. When you inhale deeply during this period, the detox effect is 100-fold. (After practising EnerQi, you may continue with YoungQi Detoxification Technique “dǒu zhuó”, Rejuvenation Technique “huí chūn”, Qi Amplification Technique “tǔ wù”; and “Tiger” form).

Healthy people can get up to do strenuous exercises in the morning. However, if you are unwell, or when your body starts to age, strenuous exercises such as jogging or cycling early in the morning is not a suitable health option.

From the Qi perspective, strenuous exercise depletes oxygen. It fails to open the “TianMen”, and places additional burden on the lungs and heart. Over time, those who are weak will feel even more fatigued, cause over-exhaustion and pre-mature aging. When nearing middle age, the bones and tendons are more prone to injury, which produces various aches and pains.

The opening of “the gate to heaven” (“TianMen”) also corresponds with the opening of “the gate to earth” (“DiHu”).

Another form of detox in the morning is through the gate to earth (“DiHu”) of the human body, which is the “PoMen” (“the gate to the soul”) or the anus.

Practising YoungQi, such as Detoxification Technique “dǒu zhuó”, Rejuvenation Technique “huí chūn”, etc, is the best detox method for the body. The slow and gentle YoungQi movements massage and compress the abdominal cavity, to improve bowel movement.

According to the TCM view of meridian flow, during this time,

Qi and blood flow along the Colon Meridian, passing through the large intestines, and undergo a major change. Hence, practising Qigong after we get up in the morning will enable us to defecate more smoothly, according to the instinctive natural manner that our body is meant to function.

Case Study :

A high ranking bank executive shared his experience with our Master, after practising YoungQi for half a year. He said that previously, due to his busy work schedule, he could never have regular bowel movement of significant amounts. If he was not having constipation at one time, it would be diarrhea. There was a time when it got so serious that his diarrhea would start before dawn.

This was a symptom that his body was weak. Not only did he have problems with his bowel movements, the “yang” Qi in his kidneys was also weak. The fire at his “ming men” (“gate of life”) failed to warm up his spleen. This was a sign of impending serious illness, also known as “diarrhea of the 5th watch period” (“wu geng xie” or “intractable diarrhea”).

The earliest record “wu geng xie” was made by a Ming Dynasty physician Gong TingXian, who documented that “when kidneys and spleen are weak, diarrhea will occur early in the morning. There is loss of appetite, or poor digestion, or discharge of watery stool – this is diarrhea of the kidney.”

Master Yin Quan

The said bank executive, realising that his health was deteriorating, and worried that he might not have the chance to enjoy the rewards of his many years of hard work, decided to learn Qigong to improve his health.

He is happy to share that after six months of practising YoungQi, he is able to have bowel movements routinely at a fixed time and of a regular quantity every morning, 30 minutes after he practises Qigong after he wakes up. Not only has he recovered from constipation and diarrhea; he now only needs to use one sheet of toilet paper to clean himself, compared to before, when he had to use a lot of toilet paper to clean himself due to the loose and watery stool that he used to pass out.

He shares that he can now feel that his bowels are completely emptied, a world of difference compared to before when he felt that his bowels were still not cleared after going to the toilet. He also notices that his age spots have reduced significantly; his skin is radiant and has elasticity; everyone around him says that he is looking younger. He talks about YoungQi to whomever he meets. His daily Qigong practice has become his trademark health regime. He has even organised classes for his employees to learn Qigong together. He has seen the noticeable effect that after practising Qigong, his health has improved, he is more energetic, and is more productive at work. He says that no matter how it is calculated, this is the most cost effective statement of accounts that yield the best returns.

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