Instructor Bao Lian & Cui Nian in YoungQi Class.

Greetings to my Qigong Brothers & Sisters and Instructors. My name is Cui Nian.

I learnt the YoungQi Rejuvenation Beginner Technique this past Saturday and Sunday (26th & 27th October 2019). I have just practised it for the short period of a few days, and my monthly menstruation came unexpectedly, 1 week earlier than my regular cycle. My menses came without the usual warning – normally a few days before my menses, I would feel extremely cold. Even without air-conditioning on, I would need to wear a jacket

wear a jacket!

to keep me warm under the fan. My body would feel unusually cold and chilly in the middle of the night, even with a blanket covering me, to the extent that I would awaken with my hands and feet feeling ice cold. To me, this was a regular occurrence. I would also lie very sluggishly in bed, my hands and feet would be achy and limp, and I would be inexplicably bad-tempered.

However, (this round) I feel warm and comfortable. I even had a good sleep yesterday night, right up to dawn. Today, I feel very vigourous, and do not have any ill temper at all. I feel calm and at peace.

Within this short period of a few days, YoungQi has transformed the freezing ice-cold state during my menstruation period that I had felt for so many years. I am filled with wonder over these amazing results that I experience. My menstruation problem is not an actual illness, yet it can be relieved to improve my life. How extraordinary !

I am thankful to You Yong Xing and his wife for inviting me to come into contact with Qigong, and assisting me to eventually learn this YoungQi Rejuvenation Technique. I am also grateful to all the Instructors for their diligence, patience and loving care. Besides feeling gratitude, I cherish and am committed to practising Qigong diligently.

Our fellow students often ask :

Why do we need to upgrade to YoungQi and EnerQi essential courses?

YoungQi invigorates the blood circulation effectively and shows good results within a short period. It only takes 3 days to produce the desired results!

make blood circulation effectively

Someone who had has always felt ice freezing cold during her monthly menstruation periods,  feels warmth and is filled with vitality, as a result of the amazing YoungQi Rejuvenation essential course.

So, fellow students,  do not delay anymore.  Register immediately for YoungQi Rejuvenation essential course.
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