The difference between practising Qigong with positive✅ and negative❎ intentions

From the starting point of doubt and uncertainty, to eventually feeling joyful, many students have regained their health, and found confidence and empowerment through positive thinking, along their Qigong journey.
A student once asked me: “Master, I learn Qigong because of my illness. Every day, I thought to myself – “Because I am so sick, I will grit my teeth and persevere no matter what”,

“I will grit my teeth and persevere no matter what”

but after a few months, I am still not able to practise every day. Some days, I feel the effect, but on other days, I don’t. What is it that I am not doing correctly?”
Our body is not a machine – we are not able to train it, or re-condition it; nor are we able to replace the spoilt parts to make it brand new again.
Our body is a framework of soul, spirit, mind and flesh. Besides the tangible organs, blood vessels, muscles and bones, there are the more important intangible aspects of thoughts, state of mind, emotions, and the central control system.
Our body needs to be well taken care of, not only with good food & drink, healthy living habits and proper attire, but more so, through a balanced state of mind and emotional stability.
When we are fall sick, our soul is already unwell prior to our body feeling ill. The soul which is unwell expresses itself through adverse emotions such as discontentment, anxiety, unhappiness and negative feelings.
When we practise Qigong, it is essential to start with adjusting the balance within our body. When we reach the higher levels, we soothe our soul and spirit to re-gain our well-spring of joyful emotions, to return to the cherished state of love that stems from happiness. Only then, will illnesses truly leave our body.

Warm the Body-by Master Yin Quan
From the Qigong perspective, it is most important to practise with a joyful heart 💓💖. Tell yourself – “I am healthy because I practise Qigong.”
Practising with this intention will cause your brain to secrete self-healing hormones that relieve pain and help you to relax. So, your Qigong practice will yield quick and obvious results, making your practice easier, sustained and relaxing.
On the other hand, if you practise with a negative mindset – “I am ill, therefore I have to practise!”, your soul and spirit cannot keep up with your bio-rhythm, and is not at peace nor contented. Your body’s overall function is unco-ordinated. Although your limbs may be more flexible, your bones and muscles are less stiff, all these are only external effects of “exercising the muscles, bones and skin”.
If you practise half an hour daily, but with a different mindset, the effect will vary significantly. As the saying goes – “practise with Qi in mind”, it is more important to practise with a joyful heart💖 and with good intention.

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