“Fish🐬 and The Ocean🌊” There’s A Song in My Heart

The following is the sharing by student You Yong Xing from Malaysia, after practising Bai Yin Qigong :

Student You,  together with 50 of his family members, relatives and friends, attended Instructor Jason's and Instructor Poh Hong’s HarmonyQi and LotusQi classes. He was filled with joy after attending these classes. Every detail and aspect of what he had learnt in class lingered in his heart, inspiring him to compose a song, but only half completed. He was only able to complete it after the recent YoungQi Rejuvenation Beginner essential course held in October 2019.

Over the 2 days of the YoungQi class, he noticed that many students, and his relatives and friends, were learning YoungQi happily, and obtained positive results.

Among them were

💠Lily Siah, whose backache was gone.

💠Ye Mei Lian, who had not been sleeping well for more than 10 years, can now sleep throughout the night until day break.

💠Lin Kai Xuan’s bloated stomach problem has eased.

“To be able to be rejuvenated, and to do so together with everyone, is the most joyful blessing in my life”, says Yong Xing.

On the evening that the YoungQi Rejuvenation Beginner course ended, Yong Xing completed the song that he had started on, and now presents it in a recording for  everyone. Let's enjoy together this original song from Student You Yong Xing, entitled “Fish🐬 and The Ocean🌊” ( yu her hai yang).

Mr. You & Family

He recalled the car accident 21 years ago, that caused serious injuries to his cervical and lumbar vertebrae. Over the years, his back pain had worsened.

His wooden guitar had been laying untouched in its wooden case for many years. Each time he had taken it out, he could only play for a short duration, and his back pain would flare up.

It was only after the “5 Animals” Technique when Master Yin Quan emitted Qi, and after the YoungQi Rejuvenation Beginner course by Chief Instructor Tiang Soon, that Yong Xing was able to play a whole song to the end for the first time. His heart is filled with gratitude and happiness.

Once again, Thank You, Master Yin Quan and Chief Instructor Tiang Soon.


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