Qigong gave me a 2nd chance, helped me regain my precious health

We are Bai Yin Family👋👋👋!!!

Words from Tew Mui Hong : “I am overwhelmed and touched, to learn that as a result of my recommendation, and with the encouragement and companionship of the Bai Yin Family (and the good Qi generated from group practice), my younger sister’s husband has recovered from his (life-threatening) illness. I am grateful for Master’s Qigong teachings, and truly feel his  love for his students.

This is the sharing by my brother-in-law :-”

Good day to all. My name is Thum. I started my Bai Yin Qigong journey in November 2015. I have learnt HarmonyQi, LotusQi, and EnerQi Beginner & Intermediate. When I first started Qigong, I was doubtful and was skeptical about it. I didn’t treasure what I learnt, nor practise earnestly, mainly because I did not have complete faith in it. Hence, I did not see any effects.  Now, I truly regret that.

About 2 years ago, I joined the Penang Botanical Gardens group practice. The next day, I felt stomach cramps, had to go to the toilet repeatedly, and huge volumes of faeces came out. Only then did I realise how amazing Bai Yin Qigong is. From then on, I practised diligently. With constant practice, I noticed one day, that my long cramped forefingers had become flexible and were able to move freely – Awesome!

 In January 2018, I noticed blood in my stool. I knew this was bad, so I went to the hospital for a scope check. The doctor told me that I had malignant tumour

Benign vs Malignant Tumour

the size of 4.5 to 5 cm in my large intestine. He recommended me to be admitted to hospital for surgery. At that moment, I was stunned and was unable to think for myself, so I followed his words, and was operated on. Post-surgery, my weight plummeted by about 10 kgs.

A month later, I started on the 2nd phase of treatment, ie laser therapy, using intense heat to kill off cancer cells surrounding the colon area. Initially, I didn’t feel anything. Gradually, I noticed that there was a dark patch over my stomach, as if my skin had been burnt. After 25 laser treatments, the insides of my stomach were constantly hot, my whole body was heaty – it was extremely uncomfortable. This made urinating and passing big motion very difficult. Then I had diarrhea, until my body felt lifeless and I became very weak. The real nightmare came when I had excruciating pain in my feet after the laser treatments.  At that time, I had thoughts of giving up, but I endured the pain for the sake of family and children.

I am grateful then that I had learnt Bai Yin Qigong earlier – it kept me going. Otherwise, I would have given up. Every day, I practised HarmonyQi and EnerQi , and the pain in my feet eased. Thank you, Master Yin Quan, for imparting such wonderful Qigong techniques, which helped me recover much faster than other patients.  My strength and vitality were also multiple times better, so much so, that many people do not believe I am a cancer survivor.  How about you, looking at me now?

Later, the doctor recommended that I should go for preventive chemo-therapy treatment. I was scared and confused. According to Master Yin Quan, doctors and others do not understand the side effects of chemotherapy, but I know that chemotherapy is a very horrendous treatment. It kills all my body cells,  not differentiating the good from the bad. Once the needle is inserted, all my cells would be destroyed, regardless whether they were healthy or cancerous. Doctors also admit there are side effects of chemotherapy.

I decided not to proceed with the preventive treatment. I did not want to be exposed to the risks involved. I chose the way of Bai Yin Qigong, which is amazing, yet does not have any side effects. I am convinced that Bai Yin Qigong can expel toxins, and also strengthen my body’s defense mechanism.  Once my immunity improves, the cancer cells are no longer a threat to me, true to Master’s principle that “cultivating mighty righteous Qi keeps the harmful away”. Hence, I adhered to Master’s teaching of “one day of practice yields one day of meritorious benefit”, and practised every morning and evening.

Bai Yin Qigong Testimonial-Raise Energy & Minimise Injury

I wish to thank Master Yin Quan from the bottom of my heart, for his words on 20th March 2018 – “Mr Thum, don’t worry, you will get better. As long as you practise EnerQi diligently, everything will be fine” For that moment, casting everything aside, Master approached me to encourage me. Today, I declare, “Master, I have done it! I have recovered!” Thank you, Master Yin Quan, for clearing my doubts and your encouraging words,  that dispelled my confusion and helped me get out from the darkness – my utmost thanks.

I was persistent in my practice, come rain or shine, and believed in Master’s Qigong techniques. At the end of 2018, when I went for my check-up, my health report was “glowing and beautiful” – my cancer marker dropped from 4.2 to 1.2. My doctor was elated and yelled enthusiastically, “Excellent!” – I almost jumped up. Qigong has helped me regain my health. Recently, I took the blood test again – the cancer index is maintained at the healthy 1.2 level. This is evident that my condition is under control, and proves that “Qi is the best physician”.

Thank you again, Master Yin Quan. I will persevere with my Qigong practice. For those who are seeking health, do join us.

I also wish to thank Instructor Paul and Instructor Krystina, for their encouragement, advice and guidance, while I was critically ill.

Of course, I am extremely grateful to my “angel” benefactors, Teaching Assistants Tan Cheng Peng and Tew Mui Hong,

CP & MuiHong- We are the Happiest DaYan in the Sky😃!!!

for leading me into the Bai Yin Qigong for Life Family, for giving me the chance to reduce my pain and suffering, yet sparing me from spending unnecessarily on medical fees. Thank you, Bai Yin Qigong, for giving me a second chance in life, to help me regain my precious health.

We Are Bai Yin Family!!!

Lastly, I want to express my gratitude to my wife, Tew Mui Luan, for her tireless and unwavering care for me all this time. Thank you, All.

I hope that you all will not hesitate any further, come and join us. Let’s practise Qigong, and enjoy health and happiness together!

Happiness Qi !!!

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