Is your blood sugar level unstable〽 in summer⛱🌞?

from left: Instructor Poh Hong; Master Yin Quan; Master Bai Yin; Chief Instructor Tiang Soon

Is your blood sugar level unstable in summer?  Master Bai Yin reveals 5 major “land mines” that both you and I are prone to do everyday…

Master Bai Yin analyses the causes of discomforts –

In mid-summer, the Qi of the five internal organs starts to weaken, causing up and down fluctuations – wavering appetites, blood sugar which is not easily controlled, dizziness, rapid heartbeats, suddenly feeling flustered and other symptoms of blood sugar level changes.

According to the Book of the Yellow Emperor (Huang Di Nei Jing) :

The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Medicine

When the five internal organs are weak, it is easy to get sick, as the ability to eliminate illness diminishes. This is a symptom of hyperglycemia (high blood sugar level).

This is the time to focus on strengthening the ability of the five internal organs – to “convert”, ie to sweat at appropriate times, have a balanced diet, so as to avoid covering up the root causes of hyperglycemia.

Symptoms of Hyperglycemia



The 5 major “land mines” that cause fluctuating blood sugar levels in summer are :

  1. Eating only fruits at night without proper meals
  2. Eating rice (carbohydrate) before eating meat (protein)
  3. Consuming too much sugary drinks
  4. Taking 3 main meals at irregular intervals
  5. Exposure to too much air-conditioning which inhibits sweating
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Complementary Bai Yin Qigong practices :

For HarmonyQi Students – emphasise on Palm Trembling and Earth Circulation Techniques

For Essential Course Students – practise more of Five Elements Technique and Sound Healing Therapy

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