Is a person destined to fall ill? Listen to what your weak organs are saying!

Master Yin Quan – Energetic !!!

Have you ever had such an experience, where despite knowing that you do not have any health problems, yet certain parts of your body feel particularly weak? Your daily routine is normal, yet out of the blue, you fall ill. Wellness expert Master Bai Yin says, “Every person has his strengths and weaknesses. The same applies to our bodies. When a person falls ill, it is not due to his strong organs, but the cause can be traced back to his weak organs”

From birth, our bodies and internal organs have their strengths and weaknesses, which is referred to as our body constitution. From the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, “body constitution” is the combination of two main factors – congenital and post-natal weaknesses.

Not easy to recover from illnesses caused by weak organs

“Congenital weaknesses” refer to organ weaknesses inherited from birth. It also includes the biased disposition of the body constitution. “Post natal weaknesses” are weaknesses acquired from the environment, and an individual’s habits and life-style.

Master Bai Yin says, “Some congenital organ weaknesses are obvious from an early age. Some indications of congenital weaknesses of the viscera (internal organs) are weak stomach; digestive problems; chronic indigestion; stomach upsets when there are weather changes, or eating hot and cold food successively, or when facing examinations. For these people, it appears that their physical health and well-being are inter-connected to the condition of their digestive tracts, which is their predominant weakness.

There are others with congenital heart problems, whose symptoms of declining heart functions may surface after middle age. A person with a weak heart may show obvious symptoms such as feeling excessively tired, abnormal heart rhythms and chest pains (angina pectoris).

Some obvious symptoms will alert us to not only prevent illnesses, but also to protect ourselves. There are also others who realise they have congenital weakness of organs only when they suddenly fall seriously ill, without any warning signs. There are still others who have all-clear medical reports, yet are diagnosed with cancer without any precursors. In fact, these are instances where there are recessive genes in congenitally weak organs. When the person falls ill, it is normally very serious.

Blockage of Qi brings PAIN; when blockage is cleared, pain is gone
Master Bai Yin points out that the symptoms of weak viscera will begin to surface when there is Qi blockage. “When there is blockage, there is pain; when blockage is cleared, pain is gone.” Thus, a person will feel pain and soreness in his body where there are meridians corresponding to the weak organs.

For example, those with weak spleen and stomach often have tightness in the chest area, lower abdominal pain, weak lower back, weak muscles and knees. Those with weak lungs often have cold, diarrhoea or constipation.

When seasons change, symptoms of the weak viscera will appear first. Seasonal allergies, skin diseases, colds, gastro-intestinal problems, rheumatism, etc will emerge. These symptoms are caused by the weak organs.

Congenitally weak organs can be cured
The congenital deficiencies of organs, plus harmful living environment, unhealthy diet, insufficient exercise, stress and other acquired deficiencies will further cause the body condition to worsen and deteriorate. Furthermore, Man is also subject to age related illnesses. Master Bai Yin says, “Congenital and acquired weaknesses can be remedied through the combination of the under-standing of the Feng Shui of the human body, and the correct Qigong technique.”

Master Bai Yin explains, “The physical strength of the body is similar to Feng Shui – there are good and bad points. If we know how to nurture the body’s Essence, Qi and Spirit, and replace deficiencies with abundance, congenital problems, chronic illnesses, recurring and relapsed illnesses can be remedied, by changing the Human Feng Shui. The result will be a strong and healthy body.

The human body is a micro-cosmic universe, a Feng Shui correlation
What is “Human Feng Shui”? Master Bai Yin explains, “Man’s life-force is from Heaven and Earth Qi, and matures according to the natural laws of the four seasons.” Man is born with aura of Heaven and Earth. Based on the four seasons, Man lives, grows, harvests and stores. The human body and mind mirror the nature of Heaven and Earth. Thus, Human Feng Shui is like a microcosmic universe. The laws governing human life are similar; only the elements are different.

After thousands of years, this theory has also been studied by modern Western physicists. Well-known physicist Juan Maldacena, in his “holographic cosmology principle” points out that any component of the universe can be seen in the same way as the universe itself. Thus, we can deduce that the structure and principle of the universe can be applied to Human Feng Shui.

Through Essence, Qi and Spirit, stagnant water can be transformed into living water
The elements of Heaven and Earth Feng Shui are Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth (the ground) and Fire. Likewise, the elements of the Human Feng Shui are Essence, Qi, Spirit, Skin and Flesh, Blood and Marrow of the Bone, and so on. Taking nature as an example, with the right balance of a healthy eco-system, a seemingly stagnant body of water gets nourishment from the Sun, Moon and Stars. As seasons change into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, its vital life force is replenished.

The weak viscera of the human body is likened to the stagnant water. As long as we eat and sleep normally, and replenish the nourishment of the Essence, Qi and Spirit, we will have a wholesome outlet to cultivate a healthy physiology.

It is said “To cure an illness, we have to get to the root of the problem”. The “root of the problem” refers to Essence, Qi and Spirit, which is the sole key to all. Only through the correct technique can Essence, Qi and Spirit be strengthened to effectively nourish the weak viscera and build up the physical constitution.

Chinese and Western approaches to health differ -Weak viscera needs to be nourished by the “3 Treasures” 

Master Bai Yin says, “The treatment for weak viscera is as different as blowing up the hillsides to build new roads. To cure serious illnesses, extreme methods are required. For example in Western medicine, cancer treatment is either through the “destroy first, rehabilitate later” approach of chemotherapy treatment or direct removal through invasive surgery, which weakens the body. However, to restore the weak organs, the human constitution requires nourishment from Essence, Qi and Spirit, in order for the whole body to be balanced and well-regulated.”

Master Bai Yin uses herself as an example. She had congenital heart problems from a young age. Through her Qigong practice, she experienced multiple transformations within her body. Her physical strength improved, her body constitution became more stable and her primordial Qi was increasingly abundant.  She understood the significance of the Chinese saying, “Heaven has 3 Treasures – Sun, Moon and Stars. Humans have Three Treasures: Essence, Qi and Spirit.”

Do not ignore the 1% silent killer
People nowadays commonly ignore their weak organs. They consider themselves healthy, since 99% of their body is normal. They choose to ignore the 1% of their body which has problems. Master Bai Yin again emphasises, “The longevity of a person and the quality of his life are not determined by the strongest parts of his body, but by the weakest parts.”

When a major natural disaster occurs on Earth, the cause is normally due to the neglected 1%, and not the prosperous 99%. For example, the thick Arctic ice layer has dropped to its record lowest level. The rapid melting of the ice layers results in rising sea levels. The ice layer is expected to be totally melted away within a decade. This may result in the 1% of planet Earth possibly wiping out the entire human race.

EnerQi Intermediate (5 Elements Rejuvenation Technique) identifies weak organs and prevents illnesses
Through the practice of Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong’s EnerQi Intermediate (5 Elements Rejuvenation Technique), we can identify our weak organs and address the root cause of the problem. If 99% of a person’s body is healthy, but 1% has serious problems, the weakest 1% will determine the state of his health.

Expel the Damp-by Master Yin Quan

So, the state of your health is not dependent on how good the larger percentage of your body is, but rather on how seriously ill the smaller weak percentage of your body is. We practise Qigong daily to find our body’s equilibrium point, to enable the healthy parts of our body to exert its strength, for the circulation of Qi and blood to reach the weak parts of the body through the meridians, to enable our body to heal itself without external interventions to restore itself to its peak equilibrium state.

Introduction to EnerQi 5 Elements Rejuvenation Technique
It is designed according to the bionics of five specifically selected animals which have long life-spans, namely Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey and Crane. Each animal represents one of the 5 elements, ie Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. With daily practice, we can regulate the functions of the viscera to achieve the effect of harmonious visceral resonance.

“5 Elements Rejuvenation Technique” is the intermediate level of the EnerQi course.

Master Yin Quan- Tiger Posture of 5 Elements

To-date, this technique is the singularly most effective and comprehensive approach to identify and regulate the internal organs in the body. One of the most effective characteristics of this technique is its ability to ferret out the weak viscera in the body, be it congenitally hereditary weaknesses or acquired organ injuries. The weak organs are the most susceptible in our body, and may infect other healthy organs, thus impairing our overall health. Practising the 5 Elements Technique will help to uncover the weak viscera, then focus to repair and re-construct it according to the nature of the 5 elements, to prevent the emergence of subsequent untreatable illnesses.

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