Gout led me to Bai Yin Qigong

Despite being in my early 40s, I suffered from health issues such as gout and urinary incontinence. This started my pursuit for better health, and I am really blessed to have found it through the practice of Qigong.

My problems with gout and high uric acid level could be traced back to over 10 years ago when I was 30 years old. Initially, the pain struck only once a year. As years passed, the frequency of a gout attack increased significantly. Whenever my gout flared, my big toe would swell up, and

Gout Flare Up

the pain that followed was intolerable. Immense pain would be triggered by the slightest pressure placed on my toe. Even the weight of my blanket over my toe would be too much for me to endure. The intense pain seemed to throb in frequency to my heartbeat. During those instances, nothing I did felt right and I didn’t have the mood to do anything. I felt totally out of sorts, be it sitting, standing, or lying down. On top of that, my family members had to bear the brunt of my frustrations and anger.

When I turned 36, my body also began to suffer from backaches and urinary incontinence, in addition to gout. I recall an especially embarrassing situation when I had to accompany my daughter for her table tennis competition. It was a full day event and by the time the competition ended, it was late at night. My daughter happily ran to me, asking if we could go home. What she said next struck me like a bolt of lightning, that I should really do something about my health. She exclaimed, “Daddy, you are smelly!” The accumulation of urine leaks over the whole day had given me away.

Daddy, you are smelly !!!

While I was searching for a Qigong technique, I came across lots of Qigong styles in Singapore. However, their practices did not appeal to me. They seemed to be merely moving their hands and legs, and most of them were practised by elderly people. I just watched them, but did not join them. It seemed strange for me to be among them, as I considered myself still young.

Eventually, a friend from Taiwan introduced me to the Bai Yin Qigong HarmonyQi Stress Relief Technique. Initially, I was uncertain whether I should sign up for it, as I was doubtful over its effectiveness. Moreover, I had to pay fees, whereas so many Qigong styles in the parks that were free of charge. It was until I searched for it in YouTube, that I watched Master Bai Yin teaching “Palm Trembling”, and I tried it at home. After my practice, I found that my hands really had Qi sensations – there was really something moving in my palms. Coupled with my trust in this Taiwanese friend, I registered for HarmonyQi. Although HarmonyQi was just the introduction class, it was effective for me. As long as I practised diligently, my gout did not recur.

I continued with YoungQi Beginner and Intermediate. At that time, the Rejuvenation Technique was a real challenge to me – my lower back was so painful, as if it were breaking. Master Yin Quan said that we had to perform the Rejuvenation Technique 64 repetitions during each practice,

Master Bai Yin & Students –
Rejuvenation Technique

but I lasted up to only 30 reps. I had to increase by one rep each successive day – 31 reps today, 32 reps the following day … To reach 64 reps per session took me almost one month! At the YoungQi Intermediate level, my lower back pain was greatly relieved, mainly due to Master's Qi emission. By then, I could complete all 64 reps of the Rejuvenation Technique at a session, since my lower back pain had eased a lot. As the techniques were very helpful, I successively completed EnerQi Beginner, Five Elements, Longevity (Gui Shou) and EnerQi Advanced Techniques.

Amanda-flew 10 hrs from Australia to Singapore for learning HarmonyQi, sharing her amazing experience of Bai Yin Qigong in the class, standing besides – Instructor Yu Hua and Teaching Assistant Kai Hock

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To me, the Longevity Technique is the most effective, because it made me sweat like rain pouring. I had to change my t-shirt every 2 hours! With my regular Qigong practice, my urinary incontinence problem began to clear within 1 -2 weeks after learning the Longevity Technique. The frequency of my gout attack reduced from 1 – 2 times a week, to very occasionally in a year; and the attacks only happened when I ate the wrong food or indulged in peanuts.

I am really grateful to Master Bai Yin and Master Yin Quan for passing on such a good

Master Bai Yin & Master Yin Quan

technique. Thanks to Chief Instructor Tiang Soon and Instructor Yu Hua who coached me on HarmonyQi, and my friend from Taiwan, I can now attain a healthy body and a good quality of life. I used to ask myself, “Why is it that I suffer from gout at a young age?” Now, I realise that gout was a blessing in disguise. Because of gout, I learnt Qigong. Because of Qigong, I learnt to relax, I learnt to be resilient.

Kai Hock is actively organizing Bai Yin Qi Gong activities/events and leading Singapore Bai Yin Family

It doesn’t matter whether or not the outcome to any matter is perfect. The most important are happiness and peace. Does Qigong have any effect? Come, try it, and you will know. There are professional instructors who will be with you and give you free guidance in your 2 hour practice session, and then you can go home and practise on your own!

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