Hemorrhoids are very common, but why is THIS PARTICULAR group of people spared?

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Mr. Huang is a key personnel in a service-based industry. During the business peak season, it is normal for him to sit for 10 hours a day. His working hours are long, hours for rest and work are upside-down. In just a few short years, he gained 10 kgs and carried a pot-belly around with him.

Carried a pot-belly !!!

However, what really bothered him were hemorrhoids, which had troubled him for 20 years He had both internal and external hemorrhoids, which were severe. Each time he had a bowel movement, the toilet bowl looked like a murder scene – crimson was a rampant colour, foul odour, bloodied used toilet papers.  He had seen many doctors and had applied ointments for seemingly 100’s of times, but there was inadequate relief. He hiked and walked every week, modified his diet, yet those efforts could not fix his hemorrhoid problem.

By chance, Mr. Huang heard a friend recommend Bai Yin Qigong and began to practise this Qigong technique.  After some time, his whole body felt comfortable – much of the soreness and pain were gone. Many friends commented that his complexion was glowing and ruddy. Without being aware of it, his bowel movements had become increasingly easier. One day, he suddenly realised that he was not bleeding after a bowel movement, his bowel movement was effortless, and his stool was evenly formed. Unexpectedly, the crimson toilet bowl that had dogged him for more than 20 years had been eradicated. This major improvement overnight made him feel unburdened. He was very relieved that he had escaped the surgeon’s knife. He was even more elated that he was free of hemorrhoids.

Those who have not had hemorrhoids


do not know of the suffering caused by hemorrhoids, and do not understand the feeling of “having a shackle in the body, but the door is difficult to open”. “I wanted to solve my hemorrhoid problem once and for all, yet I did not want to go under the knife. As I dragged on, I became accustomed to co-existing with the hemorrhoids for so many years.”

It is said that “Nine out of ten people have hemorrhoids”. Hemorrhoid is a common malady among modern people. Those suffering from it do not willingly seek medical treatment, more so the women. The thought of passing gas in front of the doctor is very embarrassing. However, if the problem is not resolved, it is like sitting on a difficult situation, far too painful for words to express. When the pain strikes, each second is like a nightmare.

It is incorrect to think of hemorrhoid as an affliction of the middle-aged. A survey showed that hemorrhoid is on the increase among younger people. 70% of hemorrhoid patients are adults, and 40% of them are under 35 years old. Regardless of whether it is external or internal hemorrhoids, or anal fissure, many often develop to an advanced stage before medical attention is sought.

Wellness expert Master Bai Yin says that hemorrhoid is a multiple scope disease with a high prevalence rate, especially among those with chronic constipation or diarrhea, and women in advanced stages of pregnancy. Due to improper long-term anal exertion or increased abdominal pressure, blood circulation is hampered, deteriorates, and “venous clots” are formed, which then develop into hemorrhoids.

Venous clots !

Master Bai Yin explains that different types of hemorrhoids have different clinical manifestations. The internal hemorrhoids are normally hemorrhagic. In severe cases, they may protrude from the anus and cause extreme pain. The external hemorrhoids are on the outside of the anus. They can be seen and touched, and are exceedingly painful. Mixed hemorrhoids, as the name suggests, are both internal and external, and the pain is of course excruciating.

Sitting long hours may cause hemorrhoids, let do Waist Loosening Method!!!

Who gets hemorrhoids? Many hemorrhoid patients like fried, deep-fried, spicy and other greasy irritant-type of food, are long-term smokers and drinkers, have irregular lifestyle, do not like sports, often stand or sit for extended periods, and often staying up late. In addition, they may have bad toilet habits, such as using the mobile phones in the toilet, which added on to gravitational force, causes the skin and blood vessels around the anus to be twisted and slacken. Over time, hemorrhoids will form. Personality-wise, people who are prone to anxiety are also more susceptible to hemorrhoids.

Master Bai Yin explains that based on their constitution, hemorrhoids are categorised into 3 types.

The 1st is caused by “pent-up damp-heat”, afflicting those who like to eat spicy and fatty food, drink excessively, and have weak digestive systems. There could be a feeling of downward rectal pressure.

The 2nd type is due to “dry and constipated intestines” that afflicts those who take too much “heaty” nourishing food or medicine; or those with poor bowel function, resulting in reduced or difficult bowel movements, and hard stools.

The 3rd is the “blood stasis and qi stagnation” type, which mostly afflicts the middle-aged and elderly, who do not exercise much.

Bai Yin explains that from the Qi perspective, hemorrhoids are likened to “blocked tunnels”. “Blockage is painful, blockage cleared is recovery”. If the venous clots near the rectum and anus are cleared, and inverse flow corrected, the occurrence of hemorrhoids can be reduced.

Another of Bai Yin’s students successfully rid himself of hemorrhoids without going under the knife. Prior to practising Qigong, he had been tortured by hemorrhoids for more than 20 years. He had difficulty with bowel movements and frequently excreted bloody stools. He had tried both Chinese and Western treatments and medications, yet was unable to be rid of this affliction, and even contracted severe anemia. He was prepared to grit his teeth and endure the operation. Out of the blue, he got in touch with Bai Yin Qigong. After practising Qigong for 1 month, the hemorrhoids did not spread. After half a year, the external hemorrhoids shrunk and the internal hemorrhoids disappeared.

Interestingly, Bai Yin’s students are spread all over the world. Health information and experiences are often shared, but sharing on hemorrhoids is not common, because as long as the students continue to practise regularly, they rarely suffer from hemorrhoids. Therefore, when it comes to hemorrhoids, the students will laughingly reply, “There is no need to depend on conventional cures to be rid of hemorrhoids, just practise the proper technique until the hemorrhoids part ways with us, and this is not just a wishful dream.”

In 2017 Year of the Golden Rooster, Bai Yin Contemporary Qigong offered free brief on-site talk on “easy to understand and non-heaty” method of getting rid of hemorrhoids :

“Raise The Anus Techniques”

1.“Raise The Anus Breathing Technique” – Relax your whole body and focus on your “dan tian”. When inhaling, expand your abdomen, relax your anus. When exhaling, contract your abdomen, raise your anus internally. Practise in this manner, contracting and expanding successively, for 15 minutes per session. You can practise this technique while standing, seated or in a horizontal position.

Raise The Anus Breathing Technique !

2. “Standing Breathing Technique” – Those who sit or stand for long periods while at work may easily get hemorrhoids. You can take a few minutes during work to practise this technique while standing. When inhaling, raise your anus internally and lift your heels, lower your chin. When exhaling, lower your heels and relax your anus. Repeat 18 times.

Standing Breathing Technique

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