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24 August 2019 English Workshop







Wow, we are fully booked!

No worries,  because I understand that you might also be interested to know more about our regular HarmonyQi programs, here are our schedules and some introductions.

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Harmony Qi

HarmonyQi is one of the courses in Bai Yin Qigong For Life Health Management program. It's a popular course among schools and corporates in Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
Palm Trembling Together

The benefits are:

– Improve the circulations of Qi-blood and detox function
– Ease soreness and pain
– Release stress and tension

The specialties of this technique:

Simple to learn, easy to practice and speedy results. It's a 10-hour course. Practice daily for about 10 minutes, you will find that you don’t easily get sick and you exude cheerfulness every day.

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The course also contains valuable knowledge such as:-

1) Why people get sick.

2) How to handle Qi disorder using different techniques.

3) Relationship between mind and body.

The course is tailor-made to suit us in a modern busy life. Each technique can be practised separately during the short break in your daily work.

Any enquiry or registration, kindly WhatsApp to us at 012-4788381.      012-4389818

Next class schedules for 2 Days HarmonyQi classes

Class A

07/9 & 08/9/2019 (Saturday & Sunday)
10:30am ~ 1:00pm Instructor Paul

Class B

22/09/2019 & 29/09/2019 (Sunday)
10:00am ~ 5:00pm (2 hrs lunch break) Instructor Raymond

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