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Just 10 minutes of Qigong practice daily to clear 3 passages in our body

The wind of health awareness is blowing across the Science & Technology (Sci-Tech) Sector, over the excitement of Qigong practice. Wellness expert Bai Yin promotes Harmony Qigong, a simple set of exercises that provides those working in the highly pressured and demanding conditions of the Sci-Tech Sector, relief from muscle aches and improved Qi-blood circulation, by just 10 minutes of daily practice. In the past 6 years, 20,000 people have joined the ranks of the happy and healthy, who have achieved mastery over their own lives.

Master Bai Yin & Master Yin Quan
Unblocking the 3 passages, regulating Qi & blood circulation

“There are 3 passages in the human body. When the checkpoints to these passages are blocked, the body will easily succumb to obesity and chronic diseases.” Master Bai Yin, who has been teaching for 20 years, with students from all over the world, states that the human body must maintain free flow in these 3 passages, ie the unobstructed flow of Qi, Water and Meridians, in order to be in good health. She adds, “These 3 passages are responsible for the critical functions of the body, such as absorption of nutrients, blood circulation, metabolism and the central nervous system. If any one of these passages is blocked, chronic diseases will develop easily.

Blood circulation

Those in the Sci-Tech Sector work under constant pressure. They often have no time for exercise. While pursuing financial rewards, they are also concerned with maintaining good health in check. The main reason why Harmony Qigong is a widely accepted trend in the time-conscious Sci-Tech circle is due to its “fast to learn, fast to practise, fast to yield results” efficiency.

According to an after-class survey, more than 80% of students from the Sci-Tech Sector were able to sleep through the night after practising Harmony Qigong for the first time!  “I haven't slept so soundly for a long time. It is amazing and convincing.” As they persisted with their practice, 90% of them discovered that the stiffness in their necks was relieved, and their joints were more relaxed. Many students lost weight and slimmed down. Master Bai Yin says these are not miracles, but are the inevitable results when the human body's Qi, Water and Meridian passages are cleared.

When Qi passage is blocked, disease and pain will develop

Master Bai Yin uses the free flow of Qi to illustrate the efficient transportation network of the human body. Food is transported to the whole body via the blood circulation system. This also includes the chewing, swallowing, digesting, absorbing, decomposition and excretion processes. Nutrients are transported to various parts of the body through the Qi passage. This is also an important circulation process, involving transforming nutrients into Qi. “If there was a blockage in the Qi-blood transportation network, man will either be weak from malnutrition, or he will succumb to chronic diseases due to over-nourishment.”

If the Qi passage is blocked at the head or upper part of the body, the person will have head-ache, poor sleep quality, high intraocular pressure, dizziness, and vision degeneration. Blockage at the middle part of the body (chest and abdomen areas) will cause thoracic and abdominal reactions such as abdominal distension, hyperacidity, indigestion, stomach pain, stomach disease, snoring or flatulence, constipation or diarrhea. Blockage at the lower part of body will cause back pain, lower limb edema, joints susceptible to sprain, loss of balance, weak legs, plantar fasciitis or tendons that are prone to inflammation.

When your body's Qi passage is blocked, you may feel only slight stiffness of the neck and shoulders at the beginning. However, in fact, the body is unable to supply adequate Qi-blood to the brain, which makes you feel dizzy and sleepless at night. It may affect your blood pressure, which may lead to cardio-vascular disease. Ultimately, it may even cause systemic discomfort affecting hearing, vision and taste functions. Thus, the smooth flow in the Qi passage has a great impact on human health.

Practice Qigong to self- regulate and facilitate Qi –blood passage

Why is Qigong able to unblock the Qi passage? Master Bai Yin explains: “Qi stimulates blood circulation. When Qi and blood flow freely, self-healing takes place.” When there is no Qi blockage, there is no soreness. If any part of the body is stiff and sore, it is because there is blockage, which reflects “When there is pain, there is blockage; when blockage is cleared, pain goes away.

However, we need to have more than just the ability to “unblock Qi”. If energy flow is not strong or fast enough, or is obstructed, Qi and blood will not be able to flow smoothly. Practising Qigong allows the body to first clear the blockages, followed by facilitating Qi flow, which enables nutrients to be transported to the whole body through blood circulation, and at the same time, toxins are expelled.

The self-mastery health technique promoted by Master Bai Yin focuses on regulating the 3 passages of the body. Yawning relaxes the upper section (shoulders and neck). The mid-section opens up the upper and lower airways through adjustment of the spine. Strengthening the joints at the lower portion improves Qi flow from the upper part of the body to the lower part. When Qi is able to flow freely, many health problems will be resolved. The end result – you are filled with vitality, your body is strong, your mind is clear, and you are in a good state of mind.

20,000 “techno” guys practise Qigong diligently

Although the whole nation is keen on jogging and cycling, the “techno” guys, with their long and highly pressured working hours, are often unable to adhere to their regular jogging or cycling regime. An engineer from Xin Zhu said: “When I first started working in the company, I wanted to maintain my exercise routine. Sports facilities are available here, but over time, I didn’t have the mood to work out. I felt that it was better to put in extra time to complete my work, so that I wouldn't have to work on weekends. However, I was often so tired that I would rather rest at home.”

Wellness expert Master Bai Yin introduced Qigong to the Sci-Tech Sector 6 years ago. Due to the simplicity and effectiveness of the technique, the response was over-whelming and was well accepted. Many people joined the Harmony Qigong community in the various Sci-Tech parks. At the beginning, they adopted the mentality of “simply practising” just to “try and see”. They learned a set of exercises that takes up only 10 minutes, yet is able to stimulate self-healing. They discovered that just one try was enough to convince them, and they ended up being loyal followers of Bai Yin Qigong. They eventually practised every day, as it was so addictive!

A student shared his feelings after practising Harmony Qigong: “I like to practise Qigong. The main reason is I only need to practise a few minutes a day, and my soreness and insomnia disappear. I am filled with energy to face a full day’s work.” Presently, 20,000 people have joined the ranks of Harmony Qigong, empowering themselves to a healthier and more enjoyable life and a happier working attitude.

TSMC, MediaTek, Accton Technology, Zhiyi Technology, Industrial Technology Institute, Hon Hai, Jingyi Technology, Jintai Electronics, Yahoo, Broadcom Technology, etc. have all formed Qigong groups. During group practices, everyone feels relaxed and enjoys the sessions. It is the best avenue for these “techno” guys to de-stress and be recharged.

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